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This book is about Letter's that are sent between Liam Payne And Liliana Grace. They have been friends since they 3 months old. Their moms have known each other since grade school. That is how they became friends. Liam Is only 3 days older then Liliana. Liliana moves to California leaving a heart broken 8 year old Liam with no best friend except for Clingy Brittany who every one disliked except for the 5th grade boys. They write each other every week. Will they be able to maintain the friend ship while Liliana is gone? Or will they become something more? Will they move on? Will she fall for Liam? Will he fall for Liliana? Will she fall for Tyler? Will he fall for Clingy Brittany? Hell no. Will Liliana fall for Harry? What about Niall? Or Louis? Maybe Zayn? Will I stop asking Questions? Probably not. Read to find out.


2. The Plans

Name: Liliana 
Age: 9

Name: Liam
Age: 10 

27th letter

Dear Liam,
I had soooooo much fun when you came That one week!!!! And guess what? I just got a phone and it can call all over the world!!! That's I can hear your beautiful voice and sing me to sleep like old times. I really miss you Liam. Life isn't the same without you. I miss you so much. Promise me we will be best friends for ever? I know I sound like a dramatic little girl but I think I wanna come spend a week or two with you?  Im saving up my money. I have been since I moved here. I almost have enough for two tickets!!! So I can get there and back. Doesn't that sound fun Li Li.
 I would just leave my mum a note and come up there to visit you? Yeah? Love Liliana. I love you. 

        P.S. Well tell me what you think. I love you Li li. And yes they are called grades in America!!! It is so strange. Then again America is strange. Like Katy Perry. Well I got to go. Bye Li Li


28th Letter

Dear Liliana, 

           I had fun too. When I turn 14 I think I'll try out for for X Factor? What do you think. Then if I win you could move back up to Wolverhampton.   We could by a house together. Then we could grow up togethor again. We could go to middle school then high school.    Then you could go to college while I travel around Britain.  When you finish college we could travel the world togethor and get married and have kids and live happily ever after.   How does that sound? I love you.   Yes I would love for you to come for a little while but you should ask your mum. See you soon. 

         Love Liam.
P.s. I hope you like those plans. I told my mummy those plans and She Cried? I don't know. Any way right back soon I love you!!!

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