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This book is about Letter's that are sent between Liam Payne And Liliana Grace. They have been friends since they 3 months old. Their moms have known each other since grade school. That is how they became friends. Liam Is only 3 days older then Liliana. Liliana moves to California leaving a heart broken 8 year old Liam with no best friend except for Clingy Brittany who every one disliked except for the 5th grade boys. They write each other every week. Will they be able to maintain the friend ship while Liliana is gone? Or will they become something more? Will they move on? Will she fall for Liam? Will he fall for Liliana? Will she fall for Tyler? Will he fall for Clingy Brittany? Hell no. Will Liliana fall for Harry? What about Niall? Or Louis? Maybe Zayn? Will I stop asking Questions? Probably not. Read to find out.


1. Letters To Liam Payne




Name: Liliana Grace  

Age: 7

Name: Liam Payne  

Age: 8

Dear Liam ,

       Hiii!!!!!!! I miss you. I hope you miss me too. I hope you can read this. We both know I don't have the best hand writing. It is really different in California then Wolverhampton. Haha it took me like 4 minutes to write those words correctly. Mum told me to ask you how you are so... How are you mate? Everyone has an american accent. I feel awkward. But is ok because all I have to do is talk to you and im all better. I hope you can come and visit soon. I really do miss you. Sorry for not letting go of your leg at the air port. I just didn't wanna leave!!! I love you all. Your like my brother from another mother!!! 
         I met another boy that is really nice. He reminds me of you. His name is Tyler Rayne. See what I mean? Almost the same last name. It isn't the same without you. Lets convince our mums to let me live with you? I am just kidding. Even though that would be so cool. Bye bye my little dork.   

                           From, Lilly


    P.S. (mummy told me to add that) I love you and not I the yucky kissy way mummy loves daddy. That's nasty. Write back soon please? Bye.






Dear Lilly,

    Hello! I really miss you too. I wanna come visit. I think it would be fun. We don't have to bring Ruth or Nicola. Then we won't get teased!!!! I can read your writing. Just I needed a magnifine glass. Ha ha. I got made fun of yesterday. It was the first day of year 4. Is it true there called grades in America? Weird. Anyway I tried out for choir and I was the only boy. But when I sung that changed their minds. But they still don't really like me. Only Brittany does. She is kinda Clingy. Yeah that's the word!!!!! Well I have to go. I hope to see you soon. Maybe we can play Narnia when I go up to visit you. I forgot to tell you!!! I will see you in 2 weeks!!!!! Hope Tyler doesn't replace me. I hope you remember that we are BFFL's!!! That sounded girly. Any way bye bye Li Li.  

               From, You Best Friend For Life, Liam


P.S. I love you too you big dork!!! Just kidding about the dork thing. Well bye









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