Catch Me If You Can

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the locker. "I want you so badly." he whispered in her ear. "Yeah?" She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Yeah Jessy." he breathed on her neck. She looked into his hazel eyes, an inch from his lips. "Well you'll never get me Justin


11. 9


~Justin~    "Catch me if you can? What the fuck is thats supposed to mean?" I asked Chaz frustrated.    It's been 2 weeks since the shooting at school, and now the hospital says its okay for me to leave. THANK GOD. I'm so sick of this place. It has NO color, and they're food is flavorless. I'm dying to get out of here. No pun intended.    And guess which short brunette was on my mind these past 2 weeks?    Yuppppppp. Jess.    She's come to see Genesis a couple times, but she never came to my room. Ryan and Brandon came and saw me a couple times too. They helped me get my mind off things....And people... *cough cough*    But Chaz came today to pick me up from the hospital, and he tells me NOW what Jess said 2 weeks ago.    "I don't know man. I guess she means you won't be able to get with her?"    I furrowed my eyebrows in frustration. Why did this chick have to be so difficult? And why can't I get her out of my mind?    I need to go smoke a blunt or something. I let a small smile creep onto my lips. I don't smoke weed or do drugs. I just need something to calm me down. And Chaz is my best friend in the whole world. He knows me better than I know myself.    As I thought this, we were pulling up to the hockey rink, Chaz grinning at me.    "Aye man I can tell you need to clear your head a little. You up for some hockey?"    This is why Chaz is the best. "Of course I am! Are you ready?"    "Ready for what?" Chaz asked confused.    "Ready for me to kick your ass!" I yelled laughing.    "Oh yeah? Bring it ON Bieber!" Chaz said, trying to sound confident. Chaz knew I was better than him at hockey. And that I'd beat him any time, any place. I was so ready and excited. Maybe being on the ice would help me push some of these crazy thoughts out of my mind.    "Race ya?" Chaz asked with a smirk on his face. Okay. So I was better at hockey, but Chaz was fast as fuck. He was like one of those gazelle things. I don't know. Isn't that like a deer looking thing or some shit?    "Leggo!" I grinned.    Chaz took off like a rocket. I jumped out of his yellow corvette, sprinting for the door to the arena. Chaz beat me by a long shot. He leaned against the walls at the door, brushing off his shoulders.       "Mhm... Who's the fastest?" Chaz smirked and cupped his ear.    "Whatever." I rolled my eyes. "Let's get in the arena. Then we'll see who's REALLY the best."    "I see you... Lez go!" Chaz beamed and darted inside. After a 3 hour one-on-one game with Chaz, I dominated 5-0. This kid ain't got nothin on me. The game definitely helped empty my mind. I wasn't thinking about girls or school just... living in the moment with my best friend.    "Alright alright... So what's up with Jess."    "Hm?" I said, coming back to reality.    "You. Jess. Tell me wassup with that."    I ran a hand through my messy hair. "I honestly don't even know man."    "Well... Have you been thinking about her a lot?"    "No." Lie.    "Justin."    "Ugh yes." I groaned, throwing my head back. He really does know me. A little bit too good.    "Sooo what? You like her? Or you just planning another hit and run?"    "Just another hit and run. She's nothing special bro." I said honestly.    "Oh um... What if she's different?"     I scoffed. "Please. She isn't. She's gonna resist until she thinks she can trust me. Then we can fuck and get it over with."    "Why don't you try having a serious relationship? You never really have. Maybe she'll be the first?" He raised an eyebrow suggestively.    "Nah." I said nonchalantly.     "Alright... But just...." Chaz paused, searching for the right words.    "Just what?" I asked confused.    "Just... Don't fuck with her emotions. She's been through a lot. And I've been there to see some of it first hand. Okay?" He finished with pleading eyes.    "What do you mean?" I replied, now 10 times more confused than I was before.    "Erm... Well... Uh... We've been getting a lot closer these past few weeks. She's like my little sister. She's told me a lot about what's happened in her life. And what happened at her other school."    "..... Which is?" I pushed.    "I don't think I should be the one to tell you. It's not my story to tell. Just please don't fuck with her heart man. She doesn't deserve it."    "What are you, Dr.Phil?" I said laughing.    "What?! If anything, I'm Oprah!" He said in a girly voice, flipping his non-existent long hair.    I chuckled. Chaz is so crazy.    "But seriously bro." He stated, letting his laughter die down. "You really shouldn't mess with her."    "No promises." I said flatly.    "Think about it? Just maybe, she is different. You never know." Chaz half sang.    "We'll see." I replied staring out the window.      ~Genesis~   "JESS YOU BETTER NOT!" I yelled, half laughing.    Jess had stayed over, and right now it was 2am and she was threatening to splash me with a bucket of ice water.   This chick done lost her mind.   "Okay I won't. God, you should've seen your face!" Jess said, chuckling.    "Whatever." I rolled my eyes. She's crazy, but I still love her.    "Wanna just talk?" I suggested.   "Sure!" She agreed. We both sat on my bed, laying at opposite ends. She propped her head up on her elbow, and I placed a pillow under my stomach.   "Tell me something I don't know about you. Something that'll bring us closer." I begged.   Jess sighed. "Okay. Wanna hear my story?"   I cocked my head to the side. "What do you mean?"   "You won't really know me, until you know my story. Do you wanna hear it or not?" She asked softly.   "Alright Jess. Shoo
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