Catch Me If You Can

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the locker. "I want you so badly." he whispered in her ear. "Yeah?" She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Yeah Jessy." he breathed on her neck. She looked into his hazel eyes, an inch from his lips. "Well you'll never get me Justin


10. 8


~Jess~    When I opened my eyes, I was in a dimly lit room. It smelled like cleaning supplies, and I could see mops in the corner. Yeah. I must be in the janitors closet.    I tried to stand up, but my feet and hands were tied to a wooden chair that I was sitting on.    I looked at the clock that was on the wall in front of me. It read 1:05. So this bastard has only kept me in here about 30 minutes. I groaned as I tried to move my arm.    "Trying to escape princess?" his voice came from the corner.    "Don't talk to me bitch." I spat.    "Oh, we got a feisty one!" he mocked in fake terror.    "What the fuck do you want from me?" I replied.    "You better watch your tone with me." he said. He kicked his chair back and waltzed over to me, then slapped me across the face.     I let out a small yelp. Fuck, that hurt. He definitely wasn't holding back.    "Aw, did that hurt?"    I could feel tears sting the back of my eyes. But I'll be damned if I give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry.    "Oh, nothing to say? If you're not gonna talk I'll give you a reason." He said calmly, before he punched me in my stomach. I gasped for air.    "Look." I said, trying to steady my voice. "Just tell me what you want."    "You."    "What do you mean." I said in disgust.    "Oh don't play the dumb card with me. I want you."    "Puh-lease. You think you're ever getting in my pants again? Think again Santana."    Cody. Cody Santana. The boy I wanted nothing to do with from the start. The boy who made my life living hell. And he found me again. How the hell did he find me?    "Watch it whore. Do you really wanna piss me off?" he said getting frustrated.    I didn't. I knew what he was capable of. I winced at the memories.    Cody was the new kid at school. He had just moved to Washington from Illinois. I didn't like him right off the bat. He was cocky and had all the girls begging. I hate people like that. *cough* Justin *cough*. I tried my best to ignore him, to stay out of his way. But he always flirted with me and I always rejected him. One day as I was walking home from school, he came out of no where and grabbed me. I tried to scream, but there was no one around. He dragged me into a dark alley nearby and raped me. And if you think rape is losing your virginity, you're sadly mistaken. After that, he beat me senseless. Then he left me there to die. I don't know what would have happened if Officer Torres hadn't found me when he did. Cody had broken three of my ribs and I had been bleeding heavily from my arm. But that wasn't the only time. Cody has raped me 3 times. The time in the alley, once in the school janitor's closet, and once in the forest that was behind my old school. Each time I tried to escape, and each time he beat me afterwards. He said if I told the police, he'd kill my brother and my Mom. I couldn't lose them. They're all I have left. After all, my Dad had died when I was younger... but I don't like thinking about that.    So I kept quiet. I kept quiet until he punched me after lunch 6 months ago. Then I couldn't take it anymore. I told no one about this whole Cody situation, but I told my Mom we needed to move. Immediately. She didn't like the area, so she agreed eagerly. I left, yearning for freedom more than anything in the world. And now he found me again. My heart sank. I felt like hiding under my covers and never, ever coming out. But I couldn't do that.    "How'd you find me." I said sternly. I had moved from Illinois all the way to Atlanta.     "Oh please. It wasn't that hard. Are you shaking? HAHAHAHA! You shouldn't be. I'm not gonna fuck you. I have a new slut who actually enjoys it." he said smirking to himself.    I scoffed. "You have a girlfriend?"    "I didn't say she was my girlfriend.But she makes a good fuck. Unlike you." he said grinned.    "Just let me go. And if you don't wanna fuck me, what do you want?" I said suddenly tired.    "This." He charged towards me and crashed his lips onto mine, although I didn't kiss back.    "HELP! SOMEON-"    He slapped me. Across the face. With everything he's got.    "What the fuck? Yelling for help? Haven't you learned? No one cares about you."    Then the door burst open. Chaz was standing there with my science teacher, Mr. Trout.    "JESS! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!"    "He's trying to-"    Cody clapped his hands over my mouth. "I wasn't trying to do anything." he assured with a smile.    "So why was she screaming and why is she tied to the chair?" Chaz asked.    Mr.Trout tapped his foot. "You're not a student here young man. And you're attempting to rape Ms.Mendez."    Chaz coughed. "Mrs.Bieber." he muttered under his breath and coughed again. Really? Right now Chaz? But it made me smile. He could lighten the mood no matter what.    "You are coming with me Mr...."     "Santana." I said smirking.    "Mr.Santana. We will deal with this later. Miss Mendez, please return to your normal class."    Cody shot me a glare. "Don't think this is the end Jessica." he whispered in my ear.    I shivered. At least I didn't have to worry about him for a while. Would they arrest him? Hopefully. God says to never wish bad upon anyone. And I'm not. I'm wishing for justice.    "Thanks Chaz. How'd you know where I was? Or that I wasn't in class? We don't have science together."    "I saw him grab you. And I heard you screaming." Chaz gave a small smile.    "Thank you so much. I don't know how to make it up to you." I quickly put my arms around his neck and gave him a hug.    He put his arms around my waist and hugged me back. "There's one way." he said smiling. I pulled back and raised and eyebrow."    "And what's that?"    "Can you tell me something?"    I sighed in relief. "Anything Chaz." I replied with a smile. And I could trust him. He's starting to feel like a brother to me.    "How do you really feel about Justin? I know it's only been like a few days but like... Do you have any feelings for him?" he asked curiously.    I pursed my lips. "Hm... Well he's a player, and I'm not down with that. So does that answer your question?"    "Well right now, Justin wants you. And he always gets what he wants." Chaz smiled.    "Well I'm not like other girls."    "Mhm... So what do I tell him?"      I thought for a second. "You wanna tell Justin something? Tell him this. Jess says: Catch Me If You Can."
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