Catch Me If You Can

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the locker. "I want you so badly." he whispered in her ear. "Yeah?" She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Yeah Jessy." he breathed on her neck. She looked into his hazel eyes, an inch from his lips. "Well you'll never get me Justin


9. 7


~Jess~    "How are you feeling Gen?"    "Okay. Kind of tired. And really hungry. Did I eat earlier?"    I thought back to a few hours ago. Truth be told I'm not sure if she ate anything or not. I think she ate something, but not a lot of food.    "I don't think so. Do you want me to go get you something from the vending machine?"    Genesis smiled. "That'd be great Jess."    I returned the smile and stood up. The vending machine was at the end of the hall. As I walked closer, I saw someone standing there, trying to make a decision on what they wanted. I realized the person standing there was Chaz. Oh this is fucking great. Now he's gonna ask questions.    "Hey Jess! What are you doing over here?"    "Just getting Genesis something." I mumbled trying to avoid making eye contact.     "Oh... So um... What uh... Happened with you and Justin?"    Of course. I knew that's all he wanted to know. Well I'm not gonna tell him. Even if I could I wouldn't't. But I don't have the answer to that. I'm not sure what happened. Like,I kissed him, right? No but then he kissed me... But I made the first move. And then Chaz walked in. It was so embarrassing.    "Umm what do you mean?" I replied staring at the many snacks in the vending machine, trying to brush off the question.    "Oh don't act stupid Jess. When I walked back into Justin's room you were sitting on his bed sucking his face."    I wrinkled my nose. "Ew Chaz no, that is not what happened."    "Well that's how I remember it." Her replied with a smirk.    "Well that's not how it happened." I stated in an annoyed tone. This kid is frustrating. What does Macy see in him? Who knows. She's kind of ditsy herself.    "Mhm... Justin and Jess, sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, second comes-"    "SHUT UP CHAZ." I tried to keep a straight face and be serious but I started giggling. He's such a child.    "MAKE ME!" He yelled sticking his tongue out.    I started laughing. A lot. And before I knew it, Chaz was laughing too.    "You're so weird Chaz Somers. You know that?" I managed to get out in between giggles.    "I am not! YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" He shouted stamping his foot on the ground like a 2 year old.    "MAKE ME!" I yelled and stuck my tongue out, mimicking him from a few minutes ago.    Then Macy walked out of the bathroom. She came up next to me with a weird look on her face.    "Chaz... what's going on?" She asked slowly.    "JESS IS BEING MEAN TO ME BABY. MAKE HER STOP!" He whined.       I rolled my eyes. "He's the one who started talking to me!"    "Well you're the one who came over to the vending machine that I was at FIRST!"    Macy started laughing. "Chaz you're so ridiculous." She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss, before turning back to face me.    "So what are you doing Jess? Where did you go earlier when Alyssa, Kendra and I were in Genesis's room?"   "I'LL TELL YOU WHERE SHE WAS! SHE WAS MAKING OUT WITH JUSTIN. THAT'S WHERE SHE WAS."    "No I wasn't't!" I exclaimed.    Macy just stared at me for the longest time.    "So then what did happen?" She said in a casual tone.      I shifted my weight to the other leg. "I... Well... Erm..."    "When I walked in, she was sitting on Justin's bed next to him, and he was cupping her face, and they were kissing. Okay so I over exaggerated a little bit with the making out part. But his lips were on hers."    Macy's jaw dropped. "YOU WHAT?!"    I smiled weakly. "Yeah um I was just talking to him and then I guess it just uh... happened?"    I just wanted to get Genesis something and leave. I didn't' come over here to get questioned by Chaz and Mace. I quickly inserted a dollar and hit the number that corresponded with the number above the Cheetos. I grabbed the bag, turned on my heel, and hurried back to Genesis's room.    "What took you so long? You were gone for forever and a year." Genesis said sarcastically. Oh she was definitely feeling better.    "Chaz and Macy." I replied giggling.    "Oh say no more. Those two are crazy." Genesis stated, now giggling. I took my seat next to her bed.    "Hey Gen, do you mind if I ask you something?"    She opened her bag of Cheetos and ate one. "Anything." She replied, munching on the chips.    "Well... You never told me what happened with you and Justin."    She stopped chewing and sighed. "I knew you were gonna ask me that. Okay. Well a year ago, I had just moved here. After a couple months passed, Justin asked me out. He was so hot and all the girls wanted him, so I of course said yes. As I got to know him, I learned how sweet and caring her really was, not much like this bad-ass image he gives off. He told me he loved me. That he wanted to run away with me. I wasn't't sure. After all, my Dad hated him and never wants us to be together. He stayed at my house that day, and said we would leave in the morning."    "Did you guys..."    "Yeah. We had sex. He was my first time. I woke up the next morning, and he was no where in sight. I called him, texted him, nothing. All he wanted was to fuck me and leave. He never really loved me." She said the last sentence quietly.    "I'm so sorry Gen. I had no idea." I stood up and gave her a hug.    "It's fine. I was stupid enough to fall for it. Which is why I don't want you to buy the whole act. Okay?"   I bit my lip. How was I supposed to tell her that 15 minutes ago, I was sitting next to him kissing? I couldn't't. And I wouldn't't.    "What about him and Alyssa?"    "Justin and Alyssa lasted a while, but he cheated on her. Same thing though. He said he loved her, she bought it, he fucked her, he got what he wanted. But he was also fucking around with Amber Bradley while he was with Alyssa. She found out he was cheating and dumped him."   "Wait Alyssa dumped Justin?"    "Yup. She was smart enough not to let it go on any longer. I wasn't't. But that's in my past. Why dwell on something you can't change?" She replied with a smile.    "You're right. Well I hope you feel better Genesis. You'll be back next week right?"    "Hopefully." She grinned.    "Great! I'll come visit you tomorrow, okay?"    "Sounds perfect!" Genesis chirped.     I gave her a hug and left the room. Then I started thinking about the kiss. What did it mean to me? I wasn't't going to let him play me like he had played Alyssa and Genesis. So I had to answer myself. What did the kiss me to me?    Then I found it. Nothing. It meant absolutely nothing. It was just a kiss. Nothing more, nothing less. Right? Right. I wasn't't going to let him get to me.                                                                                                                  ***    The next day went by normally. Genesis wasn't't there of course, because she was still in the hospital. Same with Justin. I promised Genesis yesterday that I would come visit her today after school. I sat down and ate my lunch, when 2 familiar faces took a seat across from me.    "Sure, you guys can sit there. Thanks for asking." I said sarcastically.    Macy rolled her eyes. "Best friends don't have to ask."    "But they do when they have their boyfriends with them."    Chaz narrowed his eyes. "Can I please sit here Jess?" he said through gritted teeth.     "No." I replied.    "Well sucks to be you because I'm not moving."    Macy laughed. "Come on Jess. What's wrong with you?"    "She's probably thinking about how Justin's lips feel." Chaz teased.    I reached over and slapped Chaz upside his head. "You're so stupid! No I'm not."    "Mhm... I bet you're thinking 'Oh Justin's so hot and his lips are so sexy and they're so soft! And they taste so good!' Am I right, or am I right?" He mocked me in a girly voice.    Macy elbowed him. "Don't be like that." She said, trying to stifle a laugh.    I rolled my eyes. "Look, what do you want?" I said annoyed.    "You're going to the hospital later right?" Macy asked.    "Yup. I'm gonna go see if Gen's feeling better." I replied casually.    "Obviously she wants to go see her boyfriend." Chaz said as he flipped his non-existent hair. "Duh."    Macy couldn't't help but chuckle. "I'll just meet you guys at the hospital later, okay?" I said quickly. I was getting frustrated. I went to throw my trash away, and pushed open the door that led to the courtyard. I took a deep breath, feeling the fresh air fill my lungs. I smiled, realizing how beautiful it was outside,    All of a sudden someone clapped their hands over my mouth. My eyes got big, and I started to panic. They noticed this and quickly put their free arm around my waist, putting me in an unbreakable hold. I was struggling with all of my strength to get out of this person's grip for what felt like forever. It was pointless. I pulled my arms and kicked, so they lifted me off the ground. I had no idea who this was, because they attacked me from behind and I was unable to turn around and see their face.    "I wouldn't't do that if I were you. Just stay still slut, and you won't get hurt; at least not badly." a familiar voice whispered in my ear. The voice sent chills down my spine. I felt my eyes begin to water. I shook in terror as the realization of who the voice belonged to hit me like a strike of lightning. This can't be happening.
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