Catch Me If You Can

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the locker. "I want you so badly." he whispered in her ear. "Yeah?" She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Yeah Jessy." he breathed on her neck. She looked into his hazel eyes, an inch from his lips. "Well you'll never get me Justin


6. 5


~Jess~    "OH MY GO- GENESIS!"   I yelled over the teenagers screaming in the cafeteria. I wanted to run over to Genesis, but I couldn't get my legs to move. I was just in pure shock. Like seriously, my first day? This would only happen to me. But I guess the reason the guy chose today to attack the school is because it's the first day; meaning everyone would be here. Nobody misses their first day, especially in high school. The first day is usually fun!   But not with my luck. I had been talking with Genesis and looking out the window when I noticed him. He looked shady. I should've said something. I had a bad feeling, but I thought I was just being paranoid. I finally regained the ability to move my muscles, and ran over to Genesis, who was clutching her side    "Gen- Oh my God Gen what happened!"    That was a stupid question. Obviously she had been shot in her lower left side, and blood quickly started seeping through her light pink blouse.    "I- he sh-shot m-me" She choked out, gasping for oxygen. I couldn't tell in what part of her body the bullet pierced her skin. All I could interpret was that it hit her somewhere in her lower torso.    Next thing I know, she collapsed in my arms. Tears stung the back of my eyes. Her breathing was shallow, but she was still breathing, and I could still feel her steady pulse.I whipped my phone out of my pocket and quickly dialed 911, praying for the best.    "911, What's your emergency?"    "HI A MAN JUST ENTERED OUR CAFETERIA AND STARTED RAPIDLY FIRING, MY FRIEND JUST GOT SHOT IN HER LOWER TORSO."    "Okay and you're location?     "West Creek High School."    "Thank you for your patience. Help will be there in a matter of minutes."   I hung up. I looked back down to Genesis in my arms. She looked so peaceful. But I knew that was anything but the case.   Wait a second. I paused and listened, and I didn't hear anymore gun shots. I also didn't see the man who shot my friend. He must've ran in, and did a hit&run. I looked out the window and saw a black camry speed out of the parking lot.   That bitch. It made me sick to my stomach even thinking about him. Who comes into and high school and starts firing? Trying to kill innocent teenagers?   I turned to see everyone else's position. Most were on their phones, talking to their family or 911.   Then I saw a huddle of jocks and girls surrounding someone. I couldn't leave Genesis, so I strained my neck to try and see who it was.   I felt someone tug at my leg.   "Jess! Are you okay?!" Alyssa asked me in a shaky voice. She crawled out from under the table, along with Kendra and Macy.    "I'm fine but.... Genesis."    They all looked down to the small teenager in my arms. The girl with the bright smile and beautiful eyes. Now looked almost dead.    "OH MY-IS SHE DEAD?!" Macy yelled and started balling.    "No! She is still breathing and her heart is still beating."    As I looked down, I noticed the entire bottom half of her blouse was entirely a dark red now. She was losing a lot of blood. Fast.    Chaz ran over and embraced Macy, making sure she was alright. Brandon and Ryan quickly followed and hugged Alyssa and Kendra. The girls all hugged and kissed their boyfriends, telling them they were okay and what happened to Genesis.    "Is she okay? Yeah, Justin got shot too-"    "HE WHAT?! Where?"    They all turned to look at me. I wasn't going to hide it, I was concerned. Yeah I pushed him away this morning, but if he got shot, I was obviously going to be concerned. And I was scared.    "His lower leg, but he's losing a lot of blood, and fast as hell."    Fuck. It was the same thing with Genesis right now.    "Is he conscious? Are you guys talking to him?"    "Well erm.. He was.. Uh we were.. But he passed out a few minutes ago. We talked to 911, they said they're on their way."    My heart dropped. I felt like breaking down and crying right there. But I couldn't do that, especially in front of everyone. I've always been the type of girl to suck it up and stay strong when everything was going wrong. And I had to. For my friends, for Genesis, for Justin.    I heard the distant sound of sirens, and they got louder with each passing second. In 2 minutes, they burst through the door. Macy ran over to one of the medics and brought them over to where I was still holding Genesis. They quickly took her from my arms and gently placed her on a stretcher, pulling her to the ambulence. I watched my new friend rush out the door, in hopes she would be okay.    Then I remembered Justin. I caught a glimpse of him also on a stretcher, going through the exit. Was he gonna be okay? Would Genesis be okay?    Macy and I looked at each other, and nodded heads in agreement. "Chaz, Ryan, Brandon, Kendra, Alyssa, come on. We're going to the hospital."    They agreed without hesitation, everyone running out to the parking lot. They boys drove in Chaz's car, and us girls drove in Macy's car.    I fiddled with my hair anxiously. Both of them had collapsed. That's never good. Did I under react? No. I was worried and freaking out, just on the inside.    We quickly arrived at the hospital, I jumped out and ran through the door, with the rest of my friends on my heels.    "Hi we're friends of Justin Bieber and Genesis Cruz?"    "Okay, Mr.Bieber is in room 126, and Ms.Cruz is in room 127."    "Are they gonna be okay?"    "Yes they'll both be fine." The receptionist reassured us with a warm smile.    I sighed heavily in relief. At least they'd both be okay.    "Oh, worried about Justin now are you?" Chaz asked with a smirk.    I blushed. "Well he got shot, duh."    "Mhm... So why are you blushing?"    I felt my face turn red. "I'm not."    "Yeah you are." Chaz grinned widely.    "Umm you're face is red Jess." Macy added, trying to hide the smile tugging at the corners of her lips.    "Whatever..." I mumbled and walked to the elevator.    By now it was 4pm, but I didn't even car about school. And nobody else seemed to notice either.    I entered the elevator and Macy, Kendra, Alyssa, Brandon, Ryan, and Chaz all followed behind me. We found their rooms pretty fast, the boys went to Justin's room and we went to Genesis's room.    When we walked in, she was asleep. Macy started crying, and Kendra went to her side to comfort her. My vision started getting blurry, and I felt a single tear roll down my cheek before I quickly wiped it away and rushed to Genesis's side.    She was in a blue and white hospital gown,with IV's in her arm. I grabbed her hand. I then realized she wasn't asleep, but knocked out from the medicine. Her heart was beating and her breathing was almost normal again. Macy ran over.    "Shh don't wake her up Mace. She needs to rest. Okay girls?" I whispered. They nodded their heads acknowledging me.    "I'm gonna go see Justin.Okay?"     They all smiled,despite they situation we were in.     "Ohhh so Jess's crushin on the Biebs?" Alyssa asked raising her eyebrow.    "Oh God... I''ll be back..." I muttered and walked out. Justin's room was right next door, so I had no trouble finding it. When I walked in however,I was surprised to see Justin was sitting up in his bed talking to the guys.    "Oh look who's here! Mhm. I thought you weren't worried about Justin?" Chaz smiled while Ryan and Brandon started to laugh.    "Shutup. I just came to see how he was doing." I leaned against the door frame.    "Can I get some privacy guys?" Justin asked, and the boys smiled then walked out.    "Yup... Go get it on with Bieber." Chaz whispered in my ear as he was walking out.    I pushed him and felt my cheeks turn pink.    "Hey." I said with a smile.    "Hey. You can come over. I don't bite." Justin replied with a smile.    Oh my..... His smile... I needed to sit down.     I took a seat beside his bed.     "I'm sorry I kneed you this morning." I apologized quietly.     He laughed. "Don't worry about it. That was nothing compared to where I am now."    "Yeah well.... I'm sorry. "    "Don't be. It's not your fault babe." Wow. He's lying in a hospital bed and is still trying to flirt.    I looked down and smiled. What the- why was I getting butterflies? Um no thank you. I don't like this feeling.     He caught that and grabbed my hand. I didn't know how to react. He just almost died. Blow him off? We're in a hospital. Who knows when he'll be able to walk normally again. His leg was in his cast sort of thingy.    Instead of trying to act normal, those damn butterflies found their way back into the pit of my stomach. Okay, bye butterflies. I give you permisson to leave now. You can go, shoo shoo.    But instead my cheeks got hot. I stuck of piece of hair behind my ear.    "What, do I make you nervous?" Justin added with a wink.    "Psh, me? Nervous? You barely know me." I let go of his hand.    "Aw come on baby. Don't be like that. I can tell your nervous because 1,you keep looking down. 2, you're messing with your hair. 3, you're blushing. See! Your cheeks just turned pink."    Damn it. He was right. I was nervous. Not like sweaty, but just antsy. I stood up and sat on the side of his bed.     "Already trying to get me in bed? Calm down! Not in the hospital!" Justin put his hands up like a cop was holding a gun to his head.    "In your dreams Justin." I replied smirking.    ~Justin~   Well this day took a bad turn fast.   First being rejected (twice) by Jess, now I'm laying in the hospital with my leg in a cast. Not how I planned the first day of school going. But eh.    I looked at Jess sitting on my bed, smiling. Her smile so so sexy.    "Aren't you..the one who walked in here?" I replied furrowing my eyebrows like I wasn't sure.   "Because you fucking got shot. I wanted to see if you were okay, all right?" She turned to get up but I grabbed her arm to pull her back down.   "Please don't leave." I whispered softly, looking into her blue eyes. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with more beautiful eyes.   She sat back down and sighed. "I'm just stressed okay. You and Genesis both got shot. I was panicking and trying to stay calm in front of everyone. This isn't how I planned on my first day going." She whispered, letting a tear slide down her cheek.   I wiped the tear from her beautiful face, and she laid her head down on my chest. This chick is too adorable.   She sat back up, and looked me in my eyes. "You're not as bad as girls at this school say you are."   "Well maybe you should get to know me a little bit."    Without warning, she just leaned in and kissed me. Yeah, she kissed me. To say I was shocked was an understatement.    But it wasn't like I imagined it. This kiss was soft and gentle, not what I had been going for earlier. I brought my hand up to here cheek, and pushed hair behind her ear. None the less, I kissed her back. I've kissed more girls than I can count. And honestly, I've never had a kiss like this. Then she pulled away.    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" I cut her off by crashing my lips against hers. Damn she talked alot. She didn't fight it. My tongue tangled with hers, and I could feel her smile. I didn't want this to end. Wierd, huh? But that was fine. She was still just another girl on my hit list. Nothing more, nothing less.    "I KNEW YOU WANTED TO GET WITH THE BIEBS." Chaz said standing in the door. Jess quickly pulled away and stood up, her cheeks a deep red.    It was cute as fuck when she blushed.     "Umm I was just.... leaving... Bye Justin." She said and hurried passed Chaz.    "Seriously bro? Right when I was kissing her? You just always have to fuck up my flow."
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