Catch Me If You Can

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the locker. "I want you so badly." he whispered in her ear. "Yeah?" She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Yeah Jessy." he breathed on her neck. She looked into his hazel eyes, an inch from his lips. "Well you'll never get me Justin


16. 14


~Jess~    I woke up from my little nap, refreshed and ready to go do something. I hate wasting beautiful days like this.    I unlocked my phone and saw it was 10:50. Not bad considering how tired I was.    I laid back down, soaking in the warmth from the blankets I was under.    There was a soft knocking at the door. "Come in." I said loud enough for them to hear, but not yelling as I was still kind of asleep.    Macy walked in and sat down on the edge of the bed. "Princess finally awake?" she asked softly, giggling.    "Shutup..." I moaned and slapped her arm.     "Ow! Someone's grumpy when they wake up." She mumbled and looked back at me.    I laughed because she's adorable. "What do you wanttttt." I whined, dragging out the 't'.    "I want you to get off you're lazy butt and come to the beach with us! Kendra and Alyssa are downstairs eating breakfast. Go get changed and put your bathing suit on."    "But that's so much work." I complained, really not wanting to leave the comfort of this bed. It was Tempur-Pedic or something because I felt like I was laying on a cloud.    "Jess.... Do you want me to make you get up?" Macy threatened with an evil grin.    "Oh please. I'm not scared of you Mace." I scoffed and laid my head back down on the silky pillowcase.    "Oh you're not? Okay. Just wait." Macy whispers and walks out.    What's the worse this chick can do? She's just like Chaz. They're both the sweetest and most bubbly people.     Well, that's what I thought.    5 minutes later, I feel a sudden burst of cold water hit my back, and I feel ice against my stomach.    "WHAT THE HELL?!" I yell and jump out of bed.    Macy, Kendra, Alyssa, Ryan, Brandon, Chaz, and Justin were all laughing their asses off at the foot of my bed.    "So you guys think this is funny?!" I shrieked.    "I- i to- I TOLD YOU!" Macy choked out in between laughs. Kendra and Alyssa were both lying on the floor, holding their stomachs laughing. Ryan, Brandon, Chaz and Justin were all doubled over, trying not to laugh but failing miserably.    "Okay which one of you bitches dumped the ice water on me?" I questioned the group.     Suddenly the room went quiet, and everyone had a small smile on their faces.    "IT WAS ALYSSA!" Macy blurted out.    "WHAT?! MACY YOU KNOW DAMN WELL I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING BUT COME UP WITH THIS. RYAN DUMPED THE WATER." Alyssa exclaimed.     So no one wants to confess?     As the whole room broke out into arguments and the girls blaming the guys and the guys swearing on their lives it was the ladies, I just rolled my eyes and headed to the bathroom to take a quick 5 minute shower and change.    When I walked back in, I saw Macy and Chaz spraying each other with water guns, and the rest of the crew quickly grabbing a gun to join in.    Seriously. How old are you, 5?    And in MY room too. This just keeps getting better and better.    "Umm.... HELLO?" I yelled over the giggles and shouts that filled the room and were carried out of the open french doors onto my balcony.     Chaz and Justin looked over, then paused and huddled the group for a second. They started whispering and laughing, clapping and jumping.    Next thing I know, a water gun is tossed my way. I caught it just before it hit the ground. I gripped the plastic toy in my hands, and looked up at the rest of the group.     "GIRLS AGAINST GUYS!!! GO!" Was all Chaz yelled, and I ran through the door to find a spot to wait for them to come through.    I ran down the short stairs, and hung a right into the kitchen. I crouched down behind the sink, my back against the wooden cabinets, my breathing heavy.    All of a sudden I heard slow footsteps.    "Which one of the girls ran down here?" Justin asked breathlessly.     Him breathing heavily. Oh. My god.    "Um... I thought I saw Jess and Kendra running down the steps. I'm not sure." Chaz replied, panting.    From my position, I could see Macy and Alyssa kneeling at the bottom of the stairs, watching the boys. We made eye contact, and I motioned for us to attack on the count of 3.   One. Two. Three.    I mouthed the words and popped up from behind the sink, squirting Chaz's back with my water gun. Macy and Alyssa came running into the kitchen, firing at Justin and at Chaz.    I quickly ran to the other side of the counter, now just feet from the boys.    "RYAN! BRANDON! WHERE Y'ALL NIGGAS AT!" Justin yelled, and after 2 seconds Ryan and Brandon rushed through the glass door with their guns pointed at Macy and I.    "MACY, ALYSSA, DON'T HOLD BACK!" I screamed while laughing, terrified that we were now outnumbered. Where the fuck was Kendra?    I squirted the gun randomly and ended up soaking Justin completely. Like I think my whole tank was now all over him.     He looked up slowly, then ran towards me.    "AW SHIT!" I hollered over Macy and Alyssa's screams, and charged up the stairs like my life depended on it.    Justin smirked and chased after me, determined to get me.    "Catch me if you can!" I squealed, almost choking because of how hard I was laughing.    When my brother and I were younger, we used to play with water guns all the time. He used to beat me for a couple years, then my instincts kicked in and I've become a water gun fight expert.    Except when there are cute guys around and I'm with my friends.    Then I end up in the current situation I'm in, which is being chased by Justin Bieber.    I took a sharp turn left, and knew I was running out of places to hide.    "Damn you're fast!" Justin yelled, about 15 feet behind me.    Puh-lease. Justin has nothing on me.    Giggling, I turned into an empty room, but Justin had used the time I was laughing to catch up.     3 seconds later, he burst into the room and pinned me down on the bed.    "You think this is funny?" He asked me, with a hint of amusement in his eyes.    I bit my bottom lip, trying desperately not to laugh. "Kinda." I said, letting out a giggle, and quickly closing my mouth again.    He had that sexy half-smirk thing he does on his face, and I got slightly worried. What the hell was going on in that boy's head?     "You thought it was funny when you dumped a bucket of ice water on me this morning." I stated defensively.    "Because that was hilarious." Justin fired back.    "Well so was soaking you in a water gun fight!" I laughed and laid my head back, still under him as he had my arms pinned on either side of my head.    "See how you like this." He whispered, and slowly kissed along my jawline.    He slowly made his was down my jaw to my neck, where he began to suck softly.     "Justin-" I moaned quietly, while he hit my sweet spot.     We stayed like this for a few more minutes, when Chaz yelled from downstairs.    "You guys coming to the beach or not?" Chaz's voice echoed into the room.    "Oh we're coming alright." Justin yelled back, getting off of me.    "Am I free to go now or are you going to attack me again?" I asked annoyed.    "Have fun." He said with a sly smile.    I rolled my eyes and walked into my bathroom, putting my hair up into a bun.    And that's when I saw the hickey on the side of my neck
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