Catch Me If You Can

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the locker. "I want you so badly." he whispered in her ear. "Yeah?" She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Yeah Jessy." he breathed on her neck. She looked into his hazel eyes, an inch from his lips. "Well you'll never get me Justin


15. 13


~Chaz~    We got to the beach house at like 8:30 in the morning. I was really tired from driving all night, and Macy had fallen asleep a couple hours ago. It's good she had at least got some sleep though.    I thought about what could've happened last night in the back. I didn't hear Justin and Jess fighting, but I didn't hear much talking either.     I don't know if the two of them dating is a necessarily... good idea. I'm scared Justin is just gonna fuck around with Jess and leave her, broken. She's been through enough in her life already. I don't want anymore happening to her. Just like I wouldn't want anything happening to anyone in my family.    And Jess is like my sister. Its not okay for Justin to just have sex with her, and then leave. Like, we've been friends forever, but that'd be a douche move on his part if he does that to her.    Buuuuut then there is that part that says What if Justin falls for her? Or already has? and then I'm all shutup brain he's Justin he doesn't fall for girls.     Ugh. I parked the car and turned off the engine, then walked around to the back to open the hatch.    My jaw hit the floor as I stared at Justin and Jess, asleep and cuddling in the back seat.     What is this fuckery?!    I stood there for 5 minutes, before Macy hugged me from behind.    "Take a picture, it'll last longer babe." She whispered into my ear while laughing lightly.    See, I know how to treat women. And I just don't think Justin does. At least yet.    "Good morning to you too babe." I whispered and kissed her nose.    "So what do we have here? Justin and Jess?" She asked me and pointed to the almost-couple laying down in front of us.    "I'm not sure. Maybe she just fell asleep like that? Maybe they made out? Maybe he was playing it sweet?" I questioned quietly, trying to make sense of this. Didn't I tell Jess not to get involved with him? If I didn't say it I have definitely thought it 40 million times. She deserves better than him.    But love is blind so what am I gonna do.    "Let's wake them up. See how they react." Macy suggested, and slowly shook Justin just slightly.    "Mm... Don't wake me up." He groaned and pulled Jess closer to him.    Alright imma be honest. This is cute as fuck.    "Get your ass up Bieber." I whispered, keeping my eyes focused on Justin and Jess.    Jess stirred a little bit, before cracking an eye open. She was still half asleep, and ya know didn't really get what was going on.     She scooched closer to Justin, and I gaped at her small movement. Does she know where she is? Does she know whose arms she's in?    "Alright lovebirds time to get up!" Macy sang.     "Ugh don't make me get upppp." Jess moaned and turned to face Justin, when she opened both of her eyes to make sure she wasn't imagining things.    "WHAT THE?" She exclaimed, making Justin jump a little bit, and then grin.    "Why am I asleep? With you? What happened last night?" Jess asked, her words flying out of her mouth at a mile-a-minute.    "What did happen last night?" He asked still smiling, his eyes closed and his arms stretching above his head.    "I- you- we- cuddl- I don't know." Jess gave up and sighed.    "Wanna talk about it later?" Justin suggested smoothly.    Jess nodded her head like a 2 year old and grabbed her phone, immediately unlocking it and checking her texts.    "Erm... Either of you wanna get out any time soon?" I asked impatiently.     "Mmm.... Nah I'm good. Enjoying the view if ya ask me." Justin said eyeing Jess up and down. She rolled her eyes and hopped out of the back, to be followed by Justin 5 minutes later.     I handed Jess her bag and her jacket, which I guess she had just thrown in the back last night when I picked her up.    "Okay, there's like 9 bedrooms, so pick whichever one you want." I directed her smiling.     She returned the smile warmly. "Do I share with anyone?" She asked me blindly. I could tell she was still kind of asleep, her eyes dazed.    "No. I mean, if you want too then sure. But you don't have too, okay?" I looked her square in the eyes as I said this, making sure she understood and wasn't mistaken.    "Kay kay." She said sleepily and started walking.    She quickly walked back over to me. "Chaz, can I sleep for a couple more hours please? Just for like, 2 hours?" She whispered with pleading eyes, a yawn escaping her lips.    I smiled. She really did seem like she was a baby right now. "Of course you can. Go into a room, set your stuff down and climb right into bed."     She gave me a huge smile and threw her arms around my neck, thanking me. I looked over at Justin, who had his arms crossed with jealousy.    Jess then turned on her heel, and walked inside.     "Aye, what happened last night?" I asked Justin as soon as Jess was out of earshot.    "I don't know man, what did happen last night?" Justin replied with a sleepy smile.    I shook my head laughing, because my best friend is so crazy. Oh well. I grabbed everyone else's bags and woke up the other 2 couples, and everyone headed to the house to set up.    ~Jess~    I plopped down on the bed, exhausted. I curled up under the covers, happy to be getting back to sleep. I chose a room on the second floor, 3rd door on the right.     As I drifted back off into sleep, I kind of missed something. Something that I wished was in this bed, cuddling with me right now.    Justin.    But I quickly pushed that thought out of my head, and remembered what I realized last night.   This is all just a part of Justin's game. Don't fall for it Jess.    I sighed, frustrated.    Why the fuck is love life so difficult?    I was gonna say love, but I'm not in love.    I can't be.    I'm not falling in love.    Right?
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