Catch Me If You Can

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the locker. "I want you so badly." he whispered in her ear. "Yeah?" She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Yeah Jessy." he breathed on her neck. She looked into his hazel eyes, an inch from his lips. "Well you'll never get me Justin


13. 11


~Justin~   "So anything new?" Ryan suddenly asked me.    It was lunch and we were sitting at our usual table. I had food in front of me, but oddly wasn't hungry.    "Nah not really." I said smirking. I started thinking about Jess and what happened earlier. How good her lips felt on mine. How much I loved the feeling of her arms around my neck.    Wait what the fuck am I thinking?    I don't like her or anything like that. She's just a good kisser.    But what if I do?    I shook my head slightly. I looked back to see Chaz staring at me. "You wanna talk?" Chaz asked.    He can legit read my mind.    "Sure." I reply standing up, fixing my snapback and pushing through the cafeteria doors. I could feel winter coming already. Ugh. I'm used to the snow since I was born and raised in Canada, but I like summer more.    "Alright. What happened earlier." Chaz said flatly.    "I don't know. What did happen earlier?" I replied smiling.    "Justin, I've known you forever and I can tell something good happened. You're obviously in a good mood. So tell me."    Damn Chaz know me too well.    I sighed. "Wellllll..." I started, dragging out the 'L'. "I may or may not have made out with Jess in the janitor's closet..." I said scratching the back of my neck, my voice trailing off.    "You did what?!" Chaz half-yelled.    "Aye wait wait, before you get all protective, she didn't stop me or resist or anything. I kissed her, and she started kissing back. From there it was all downhill." I replied smirking.    "Justin I swear if you fucked her I will-" Chaz started to say.    "NO NO NO." I cut him off quickly before he got any ideas. "We just made out. Then I pulled away, and was like 'I didn't expect you to go along with that so easily' and she was just like 'I didn't'." I said looking down.    "And then...?" Chaz pushed.   "Then she walked out." I said blankly.   Chaz paused. Then he burst out laughing. "Damn that's my girl!"   God Chaz, this isn't funny.    Okay, maybe it's a little funny, but not for me.    "She isn't stupid Justin.She knows what you're doing, and I honestly don't think it's gonna work with her."   He waited a second. "Justin... Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you're starting to fall for her?" Chaz questioned.    "Wha- Who- WHAT? Me? Fall for her? Psh of course not man." I am such a terrible liar.   Chaz smirked. "Uh huh... So you would HATE it if I told you that Macy, Kendra, Jess, Alyssa, Ryan, Brandon and I are all going to my parents' beach house this weekend, and that you can come too?"   "Beach house?" I furrowed my eyebrows.    "Yeah. We wanna get one more trip to the beach in before winter comes and it's cold as fuck outside."   "Hm... Who all is gonna be there?" I asked.   "The whole group. Us 4 guys, and the 4 girls." Chaz replied, a hint of excitement in his voice.    "4 girls? What about Genesis?" I asked curiously. I don't have a thing for her anymore, but I wondered why everyone would be going and she isn't.    "I don't know bro. She said she had like a wedding to go to or something. Are you in? You can spend time with Jess..." Chaz pushed me jokingly.   Why not? Could be fun. And seeing Jess in a bikini? I'm there.   "Fine I'm down. This weekend?"    "Hell yeah! We head out Thursday at midnight, you guys can sleep in the car. We have Friday off, remember? And we come back Sunday night. Plus it's starting to get just a little cold.You know what that means?" Chaz asked.    "No..." I replied. Where the hell was he going with this?    "Cuddle weather dumbass. That's a good thing for you. Because you know girls love that shit."    I actually do. I don't know why girls love it. Maybe Chaz is right. This weekend could help me figure out what the fuck I'm feeling for her. God I hope I don't have a thing for her. She obviously doesn't like me and I don't want to like her.    But because life sucks, I can't tell my heart what I want or don't want. It does whatever the hell it feels like doing and falls for whoever the hell it feels like falling for. That's just the way it is.    And it sucks dick.    But eh, whatcha gonna do.    "Imma get to class. Catch ya later." Chaz waved and walked into Art.     I waved back and decided to skip the rest of the day. I need some time to think.                                                                                             *****    The rest of the week went by pretty fast. And it was only a four day week so that made it go by even faster.    "BIEBER! YOU GOT YOU'RE SHIT READY?" Chaz yelled from my front door. He is so impatient! Damn can't a guy get changed without being rushed?     Obviously not.     "COMING SOMERS!" I hollered back. I pulled on some grey sweats and my black supras, then pulled a white t-shirt over my head. I jogged down the stairs, looking at Chaz who was leaning against the door frame.     "We're all waiting on you! Alyssa, Macy, Kendra, Brandon, Ryan and Jess are already in the car.If you wanna sleep, get in the back seat."    "Calm down. I'll get in the back, okay? Sheesh." I muttered under my breath.    Chaz had a black Mazda CX-9, and he had put the back seat up earlier, I guess because he knew someone would want to sleep.    Chaz and Macy were awake in the front, and Alyssa was asleep on Ryan's lap and Kendra asleep on Brandon's in the second row.   And look who was on her phone in the back?   Jess.   "Hey gorgeous." I whispered as I climbed into the back next to her with a blanket.    She rolled her eyes and started messing with her hair. I've noticed that with her. When she's nervous or anxious, she'll twirl or mess with her hair. I grinned.    "Why do you have a blanket?" She asked yawning, her voice barely above a whisper. She was trying not to wake up the couples in the middle.   "Because I'm tired as fuck and I need to sleep." I replied while laughing lightly.   She smiled,flashing her perfectly straight teeth, while shaking her head and looking back down to her phone.    "You tired?" I asked quietly. I could tell she was, she had bags under her eyes and her voice was low.    "Kinda. I'm probably gonna fall back asleep soon." She yawned again.    She is so cute. She rubbed her arms like she was cold, and it didn't help that Chaz was blasting the A/C.    Well I didn't wanna be the jackass who woke up everyone while asking Chaz to turn off the A/C, so I didn't.    "You cold?" I asked her, smiling a bit.    "No." She said flatly. I took a second to look at what she was wearing. A white tanktop with pink pajama shorts that stopped mid-thigh. Of course she was cold.    "You know..... I'm warm over here..." I said smirking. These seats were really wide, she could lay down next to me if she wanted.    She rolled her eyes, but couldn't wipe the cute smile off her face and the slight pink her cheeks had become.    She probably hates it, but I think it's the most adorable thing when she blushes.    "Oh come on. You know you want too." I whined teasingly.     "Ugh. Just because I'm cold as fuck. And you were gonna find a way to convince me anyways, I don't feel like arguing when I know I'm gonna lose." She whispered as she crawled over to me. I smiled happily, because I was gonna convince her one way or another. She just saved me a lot of time.    "Of course that's why." I winked, and she just shook her head, still smiling.    She laid down in front of me, her eyes already closing. I pulled her closer, and she was too tired to resist. Her back was facing the seat in front of us, her beautiful face inches from mine.    "You know how beautiful you are, right?" Her eyes fluttered open.    "Don't you have a girlfriend? Amber?" She asked me annoyed.   "I dumped her like over the weekend. Why?"    "Oh. Because it isn't cool to flirt with other girls when you're taken." She stated knowingly.   "Yeah I know. But I'm available, so what's gonna stop me from doing this?" I asked as I slowly leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. She kissed back, slowly moving her lips with mine. I moved my hands around her waist, and she put her hands around me neck, playing with my hair. I smiled slightly. It's so cute and I love it when she plays with my hair. With other girls it's really annoying, but with Jess it's sweet.   She pulled back for a second, before quickly closing the gap again. I brought my hand to her face, barely touching it. She slowly grabbed my hand to move it away, but I intertwined her fingers with mine. I felt her smile, and pull away.    I kissed her nose, and she blushed then turned her back towards me, wanting to fall asleep. She scooted closer to me, and I wrapped my arms around her waist. She put her hands over mine.     "We should do this more often." I whispered in her ear.   "Yeah, we should." She breathed out.    And that's how I fell asleep in the car, with Jess in my arms. If anyone saw me, they would've seen the huge, stupid smile on my face as I fell asleep
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