Catch Me If You Can

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the locker. "I want you so badly." he whispered in her ear. "Yeah?" She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Yeah Jessy." he breathed on her neck. She looked into his hazel eyes, an inch from his lips. "Well you'll never get me Justin


12. 10


~Jess~    Shock. Complete shock. I searched Genesis's face for something. A smile, a frown, a scowl, anything. She didn't even blink. She just stared at me.      I guess it was a lot to take in. I really trust Gen. I honestly think me and Chaz are closer, only because the experience a couple weeks ago created an unbreakable bond. He's like my brother and I'm like his sister.    I didn't tell Gen everything though. I told her: My Dad died in a car crash when I was 5. My younger brother has been involved with the wrong people and lost his way about 2 years ago. He's smokes weed and drinks and is in a gang. My Mom is here for me.... sometimes. Most of the time she is locked in her room. Like she completely shut down and wants nothing to do with life anymore. I told her I hated my other school and that's why I moved (lie). I didn't tell her about Cody.    "Gen? Please say something. Anything." I pleaded.    She looked me in the eyes. "I'm so sorry Jess. I would've never guessed." she whispered, as if she were only talking to herself. She gave me a huge hug. I didn't want to cry in front of her, so I hugged her back. I loved Genesis. She is an amazing friend, which I've learned in the few weeks that I've been here. And this definitely brought us closer, but not as close as me and Chaz.    "Well I wanna have fun, not a crying fest!" I said giggling.    "Well what do you wanna do?" Genesis asked, rubbing her lips together.    "Hmmm... All nighter? Whoever falls asleep first, loses 20 bucks?" I suggested.    "Oh you're on. I'm so gonna win. Because I, DON'T, SLEEP!" Genesis squealed.    Oh no she did not. "Fine. I'm gonna have fun with this." I smiled.                                                                                                         ****    That was on Saturday. And who won the bet? Me. Of course. Genesis still hasn't coughed up $20 yet though. All day Sunday, me and Gen chilled in sweats watching Disney movies. It was the best.    "How'd your weekend go?" Chaz asked walking alongside me as I headed to 2nd period.    "Great actually. I stayed over at Gen's Saturday night and then spent Sunday hanging out with her. How about yours?" I replied with a huge smile.    "Cool. I picked up Justin from the hospital and we chilled at the hockey rink on Saturday. Sunday I was out with my Dad." Chaz said nonchalantly.    "Oh. Was it fun?" I asked raising an eyebrow.    "Duh. Who doesn't love hockey?" Chaz smiled.    I raised my hand. "I don't."     Chaz gasped and held a hand to his chest dramatically. "You-you-you WHAT?! YOU DON'T LIKE HOCKEY?! I THINK WE NEED TO GET YOU TO A DOCTOR SWEETIE."     I chuckled. "Chaz you're an idiot. I don't like hockey because I think it's boring. I'm more of a football type of girl."     "What team?" Chaz wondered.    "Dolphins all day baby." I winked.    "Whatever." Chaz rolled his eyes. "See you at lunch Jess."    "Bye Chaz!" I gave him a quick hug and he made a sharp turn down the hall to the right.     I stopped at the water fountain to take a sip, and then continued past the bathrooms and made my way past the janitors closet. As I was just about past the closet, someone grabbed my arm and pulled me in. It wasn't Cody, I could tell him by his grip. This person was softer, and not as forceful.    "What the- who are you?" I asked as I felt my bag fall from my shoulder.     Next thing I know, a pair of full, warm lips are on mine. Damn it, I still can't tell who this is. Oh well. Making out with strangers in the janitors closet? Welcome to high school.    I decided to play along, and wrapped my arms around his neck, and he moved his hands around my waist. As my lips moved with his, I moved my hands to his hair. It took me about 2 seconds to feel his spikey hair, to realize who this was.   Justin.    Of course it was Justin. I'm not even surprised. I tried pulling back, but he just murmured, "Don't fight it."    Okay. Just this once. After this, that's it.    I tugged on his hair lightly, and he pushed me against the wall. He licked my bottom lip, begging me to give him access. I did, and his tongue fought with mine. He left a trail of kisses down my jaw, to my neck where he started sucking. An involuntary moan escaped my lips, as he hit my sweet spot. He smiled against my neck, knowing he had me under control.    Fuck.    He grabbed my ass, making another unwanted moan come out of my mouth. He was enjoying this a little bit too much.    As odd as it sounds, I actually liked it, and didn't want it to end. He pushed my ass slightly, and I wrapped my legs around his waist.    He smiled into the kiss, and pulled away. "You like it?"    I replied by pushing my lips back against his, his tongue exploring my mouth. I ran my hands through his silky hair, wondering how he has it spiked and soft at the same time. Fuck logic.    Our lips moved in sync, and I was loving this. He pulled his lips away and moved to my neck, his minty breath cool against my skin. I've had boyfriends before, I've dated douche bags and nice guys, I've made out and had kisses, and nothing compared to this.    His right hand cupped my cheek, as he softly set his lips on mine.    I pulled away breathless.     "Wow..." He breathed heavily. "I didn't expect you to go along with that so easily."    "Oh, I didn't. Bye Justin." I picked up my bag which was just below my feet, and sashayed out of the janitors closet, not daring to look back at his expression.                                                                                                   ****      At lunch, I sat down at the table with Genesis, Macy, Kendra, and Alyssa. I smiled pleasingly to myself, as I saw Justin standing in line with Chaz, running a frustrated hand through his hair.     "So where were you in 2nd period Miss Jess?" Gen asked me.    "Oh no where. I just decided to skip today." I replied with a bored tone, staring out the window.    "Oh God, what are you staring at? Last time i caught you staring out the window, I ended up getting shot and in the hospital." Gen laughed.    "OH MY.... NO I WAS JUST STARING AT THE PARKING LOT!" I exclaimed.    "Haha okay girl... so I have some news for you." Gen said excitedly.    "What is it?"    "It has to do with boysssss." Gen replied dragging out the 's'.    "NUH-UH, YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND! I'm so happy for you!" I hugged her tightly.    "Yeah well he's really sweet, and he is gorgeous. I think I really like him." She said shyly.    "When did you start talking to him?" Macy chimed into the conversation.    "About a week ago. After the shooting. But before like, today." Gen giggled.    "OH MY GOSH GIRL! So are you guys like... official?" Macy gushed.    "Yeah!!!" Genesis whisper-yelled.    "Let's meet him!"I said happily. Genesis deserves a guy. She is so beautiful, smart, and sweet. I hope he treats her right.    "Okay, one second." She said standing up.    5 minutes later, she came back with a guy. I was texting, so I hadn't seen his face.    "Okay guys, this is the boy I've been telling you about. Kendra, Alyssa, Macy, Jess, this is Cody. Cody Santana.
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