Catch Me If You Can

He grabbed her by the hips and pushed her against the locker. "I want you so badly." he whispered in her ear. "Yeah?" She bit her bottom lip seductively. "Yeah Jessy." he breathed on her neck. She looked into his hazel eyes, an inch from his lips. "Well you'll never get me Justin


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~Jessy~    *BEEP BEEP BEEP* Ugh. I reached over and slapped my hand on the snooze button. I'm so exhausted. I barely slept last night. I dragged myself out of bed and trudged into my bathroom. I stared into the mirror. My dark brown hair was a mess and I had bags under my blue eyes.    I turned and headed back to my bedroom.    When my eyes glanced at my iPhone, the clock read 7:45. "Shit!" I muttered under my breath, hoping my 16 year-old brother didn't hear me.I ran to the bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth. I hurried back to my closet and ran a hand through my hair, which was still knotted. I'm kind of stressed over my new high school. It's always hard being the "new girl". I scanned the rack for something decent to wear. I snatched a white sleeveless shirt that read "Hakuna Matata" across the front in light blue letters, and a pair of light-blue jean short-shorts. Then I threw on a pair of black & white converse. "Nice Jessy. Late on the first day" I muttered to myself.    I quickly dabbed concealer under my eyes, in attempt to hide the dark bags. I combed through my thick hair, and let it fall in it's natural waves to my shoulders. I ran downstairs and grabbed my Jansport before hollering "BYE MOM!" and sprinting through the front door. It was bright outside, with a slight breeze. I paused a second to close my eyes and feel the cold breeze on my cheeks. I breathed in the fresh autumn air.     I tried to think about this whole new school thing. I mean, all high schools are pretty much the same. You have the  popular   the jocks, the sluts, the wannabe's, the nerds, the outcasts, the preppy people. At Eastwood, I screwed up once and ruined my reputation. And I'll be damned if it happens again.    *HONK* "Aye Jessy! You're gonna be late!"    I snapped back to reality and smiled at Macy. I met her when I moved in last Friday. She lives in a 2 story house across from me. She waved her hand, motioning for me to get in. Well I'd already missed the bus, so why not? I hopped in her Mercedes Benz. It was a smooth black with cream leather interior.    "Ready? You're gonna love West Creek! Macy chirped. "Pumped! Nice car by the way." Macy beamed. "Thanks! I got it for my 18th birthday this year. You know I ride in style!" She snapped her fingers as I giggled. We drove to school and I listened to her babble about shoes, her classes, friends, and God knows what else. My mind was occupied. I thought about what today would be like. The girl drama, school, guys...     I shook my head to clear my thoughts. "We're here!" Macy squealed. I took a brief second to see what she was wearing. She wore a white  tank top  with a salmon-colored blazer that she left unbuttoned. She wore tight, dark denim jeans and pink stilettos that matched her blazer. She parked and stepped out of the car. I could hear the click of her heels on the road as she walked to my side. She had blonde hair that bounced on her shoulders in tight curls when she walked. As I opened my door, I looked up and realized how tall Macy was, and the stilettos made her even taller. She also had gorgeous dark blue eyes.    We approached the front of West Creek High, and I could already see freshman gathered at the front. They whistled and stared as Macy and I passed by. Macy only smiled and laughed, pulling me along to meet some of her friends.    "Jessy, this is Genesis, Kendra, and Alyssa." Macy gestured to each girl as she introduced them. I smiled and said hi, almost shocked at how flawless these girls were.     Genesis  was about an inch shorter than me and had straight, light brown hair, with brilliant green eyes. Kendra was extremely tall with fiery red hair that fell halfway down her back in loose ringlets, with big brown eyes. Alyssa was short like Genesis and I, with beach blonde wavy hair  that stopped at her elbows, and light blue eyes. All four of them were stunning.     Macy was rambling about some new Gucci handbag when a really cute guy hugged her from behind. "Chaz!" Macy exclaimed, turning around to peck him on the lips. "That's Macy's boyfriend, Chaz. They've been together for 2 years now." Genesis whispered in my ear. I just nodded and saw Alyssa's and Kendra's boyfriends walk over. Genesis told me they're names were Ryan and Brandon.     "Where's your man?" I nudged Genesis with my elbow.    "I'm focusing on school. Ain't got no time for a man!" She winked at me. I started laughing because Genesis is so  weird .    The girls introduced me to the guys, when Chaz said, "Mace, I know someone I'd like Jessy here to meet." I was kind of nervous and scared from the smirk on his face. He ran off and came back 2 minutes later with this hot guy.    "Jessy, this is Justin."     I looked over at Genesis and tried to read her expression. "Uh-oh...." She muttered under her breath
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