My Brother, Louis tomlinson


9. What do you mean?

-Leona's POV- I walked out to the backyard where Louis told me to meet him "Louis?" I asked "Over here!" He waved,I stood next to him "So? talk" "Well Leo. I don't think your my actual sister" "Wait What? Louis y-you have proof" I almost screamed "But you don't act like me" He said fiddling with his fingers "Just because I'm your sibling doesn't mean I don't have to act like you, You know what Lou, I'll just leave" I walked away, I pushed past Niall and Harry to my room "Ugh!" I screamed as i threw clothes into my bags "I hate Louis, I hate him! I hate my life!" I screamed, I picked up my bags and ran out "Leona!" Louis yelled after me, Before walking back to Rachel's I looked back, Tears in my eyes 'You said you loved me' I mouthed and walked away -At Rachel's- "Leona" Her smile changed to a frown "What's wrong?" She asked sitting down "He said He didn't believe me" I wiped away a tear "You've been searching for him half of your life! you finally found Louis, Don't leave" She said, My phone started  ringing "Hello" I answered "L-Leona?" I heard another person stutter "That's me" "Leona! you have to come back" "I'm sorry, but who is this?" I asked "Oh it's Niall" "Ni I don't wanna come back, If he doesn't believe than why should I stay?" "Because your his sister?" "Niall! I wasted half of my life trying to find him and unfortunately I never did" I hung up "Where's J-Jessie?" I asked "He uhm well he got adopted" She said after she turned to me "W-What? I thought you adopted him and me" I looked at her, confused "it changed while you where gone" She said before turning back to the dishes, A girl brushed past me "Rachel? who's this?" She pointed at me "That's Leona, My daughter" I smiled after she said that "No she's just another orphan! Nobody would love her" Tears pricked my eyes at the sound of her saying that, I looked at her with anger raging inside of me "Look here, I am Leona Tomlinson, For your information My parents divorced and my dad died, Rachel adopted me, I have an older brother" I smiled and evil grin, she rolled her eyes and looked at my phone, I picked it up before she could read the text.

From Louis:

"I'm sorry Leona, I didn't know what I was saying. Come back?"

To Louis:

"Come here, Rachel's place"

I sent and right away there was a knock on the door "I'll get it" She said "No, I'll get it" I said and pushed her out of the way, to my confusion I saw a tall guy standing in front of me "H-How can I help you?" I asked looking up "Is Carly there?" He asked, I got pushed back and she was talking to him "Oh my gosh! that's Louis Tomlinson!" She screamed, I suddenly jumped off of the couch and pushed her out of the way "Louis" I smiled "How do you know him?" I ignored her and ran up to my older sibling, We hugged "I can't believe you" I poked him, He laughed and we walked in "Hi Louis, I'm your biggest fan!" She said jumping up and down "So will you come back? Sis" He smiled "sure I will" "how are you his sister?" she asked "ANSWER ME!" She screamed "I'm his sister" I said grabbing my bags and running out the door.

-A/N- Wow! thank you guys for bearing with me. I love you guys! xx

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