My Brother, Louis tomlinson


3. Tour

- Louis' POV- I woke up and went into the living room,  I found Leona and Jessie watching TV "Morning" Leona said "morning" I replied and sat down next to her "so Leo where you going today?" I asked her "my best friends house" she said "can I come?" I asked "sure why not" she said, Jessie was watching cartoons and Leo was watching after him "do you have twitter?" I asked her "Yea" She replied getting her phone from her pocket "im @Leona_Tomlinson" she showed me "I already followed you guys" she said smiling "you did?" i asked "yup" she said, then her phone vibrated and she saw a new tweet from me 'Follow my Sis @Leona_Tomlinson she's the best' then my phone vibrated '@Louis_Tomlinson already 0 followers! -_-' I laughed then hugged her, "he- never mind, found it" Harry said and walked away "well that was awkward" Leo said "well" I said "I gotta go drop Jessie off, come with?" She asked "Sure why not" I said.

-Leona's POV- I dropped off Jessie and walked back to Louis "Leo, I've been thinking about the day I met you" He said looking up at the sky "yes" I said looking down "Yes what?" He asked "The answer to your question is yes, I can move in with you" i said looking at him, he said nothing and hugged me "Lou" i said while we were hugging "yea" "can I go grab my stuff?" I said and looked up at him "go!" he yelled gesturing towards the door, I ran inside and went to my foster mum "now" I said smiling "bye and take care" she said I ran up to Jessie and told him I would visit then I grabbed my stuff and walked back to Louis, I put everything in the trunk and got in his car -At the flat- I walked to the trunk and got one bag then Louis took the other "your room is upstairs and the right Ice blue door" Louis said gesturing towards the stairs, I dropped the bag i was holding and ran up and found my room, It was nice a queen size bed and a TV, even a walk in closet. Harry came in front of me and picked me up, threw me over his shoulder "Harry! let me down!" I said hitting his back "Nope" He replied "LOUIS!" i screamed, then harry threw me onto the couch "we're going on tour" Louis said "what? how long?" I asked "your coming with us!" Harry said poking my stomach "I am!?" I screamed "Go pack!" Louis yelled, I hugged all of them and ran up to my room, packed and ran down with my suitcase "When are we going?" I asked jumping up and down "an hour" Louis said, I went up to my room and sat on my bed, I grabbed my laptop and sent an email to Faith ' to Hey Faith, sorry I can't hang out with you I'm going on tour with my brother and I don't know when I'll be back, Call me and email me. Gonna Miss ya, Leona' It read, I spent the rest of the hour outside in the snow, I couldn't believe it was November already, I was lying down on the ground with snow on my face from the snowball fight Lou and I had "Leo get up we're leaving" Louis said looking down at me "Thanks" I said and hugged him "thanks for what?" He asked "for taking me with  you" I said and ran to get my suitcase -On the tour bus- I fell back onto my bed that i had to share with Louis and got my laptop new email ' to Aw poo, well have a great time oh and tell Niall I said Hi ;) Miss ya already, Faith' I read, aw! Faith likes Niall! "Harry!" I said shutting my laptop "Sorry Louis is chasing me" He said then locked the door and sat down next to me "What were you reading?" He asked putting his arm around me "an email" I said taking his hand off of me "Harry! Leona open this door right now!" Louis screamed banging on the door, I got up and Harry grabbed my hand, he mouthed 'Please!' and then I sat down "Thank you" he whispered "Leo I have pizza!" Lou yelled "what kind?" I asked "cheese your favorite" He said, I opened the door and ran to the kitchen.

-Harry's POV- Leona ran off and Louis stormed in and shut the door behind him "So tell me curly what did you say before you ran into here" He said "Ihaveacrushonyoursister" I mumbled "YOU THINK I WOULD LET YOU DATE MY SISTER!" He yelled and started fighting me then Leona came in with a slice of pizza in her hand "LOU OUT!" she yelled and pointed to the living room "Leona this is my room" he said getting off of me "Lou!" she said pouting "fine" he mumbled and walked out of the room "Thanks" I said "no problem, so what did Louis yell cuz' i heard my sister said" She said sitting down "well I really like you Leo and he was yelling at me because of that" I explained, I guess she saw the scratch from Louis and hugged me.

-Leona's POV- I saw a scratch on Harry's arm and hugged him, then Lou came in and saw me hug him, I released Harry and ran off after Louis, I listened to Louis' conversation with Liam "But Louis she's 18 you don't have control over her, she gets to date whoever she wants" Liam said "I know but I feel like Harry will break her heart" Louis said "Just let her go" Liam tried to convince him "i think I'll see if I can get her onto the next flight home" Louis said, I ran back to  my room in tears, I shut the door and sat down on my bed "Leona what's wrong?" Harry asked and embraced me in a warm hug, "L-Lou wants to send me h-home" I said still crying, Then Lou walked in "What happened? what did you do to her?" Lou said, I stopped crying and looked at him "IT WAS YOU LOU, IT WAS YOU! I overheard and I don't want to go!" I screamed at him "Leona I wanted what was the best for you" He said calmly "Lou keeping her away from her friends isn't what's best for her" Harry screamed "come on Leona" He said taking my hand, I was still in tears but I followed Harry, We sat down on the couch and I brought my knees up to my chest and cried "What wrong?" Niall asked sitting next to me then Liam explained everything to them, I stopped crying and told Niall "Niall my best friend Faith really likes you and she says hi" I said "cool" He said and smiled. After a while everybody fell asleep except for harry, He brought me back to Louis and left "I'm sorry Leo" I heard Louis say and then turn around.

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