My Brother, Louis tomlinson


5. Surfing and Skateboarding

-Leona's POV- This morning we all went surfing, I grabbed my surf board and ran to the rest of them "Okay, Watch me closely and I'll show you what to do after" I said, then I ran to the waves, I walked back "So did you catch that?" I asked "No.." They all replied "Okay Surfing's not it get changed we're going skateboarding!" I yelled and ran to my room, I grabbed a black pair of short jean shorts and a Black tank-top, I put on my converse and never forget my bandana, I put it on and put my hair over it, You can still see my face though and a little part of the bandana in the front, I grabbed my skateboard and walked out of the bathroom "Ready?" I asked as we got outside "Ready" They all replied, "we're gonna ride to the park, can't keep up run!" I said, I got there first of course and saw Louis trying not to fall off, Eleanor, Harry, Niall and Liam had been running and Zayn well he got the hang of it and beat Louis to the park "Okay good job now I'm gonna go back and tell you to go I'm gonna yell" I said, "GO!" I yelled and watched how Zayn beat everybody, Louis got the hang of it too, But the rest of them fell and started running again. "OW!" I heard Niall yell, I ran over to him "what happened Niall?" I asked going down on my knees next to him "Harry ran over my hand!" he yelled "well nothing is broken you just need some ice, Eleanor can you bring him some ice?" I said, Eleanor nodded and ran inside, After that was over everybody went inside, I sat down on the couch and curly sat next to me "you know if you give me a private lesson I'll give you a chance" he whispered "Harry no, No private lessons and maybe I'll think about it" I said, I grabbed my laptop and went outside to the beach ' to Hey, Tell Jessie I miss him and that he has to wait two more months to see me, I'm kinda bummed out because of all the lessons I gave to them and I'm so tired, Kisses to ma homies, Leona' I sent her the email, I shut my laptop and fell asleep -When She woke up- I woke up still on the beach but this time They were all catching waves "Hey Leo" I heard Louis say, I turned around "Hey, did i fall asleep here?" I asked "Yeah we found you out here and thought we could give surfing another try" He said "Thanks Lou" I said and hugged him "thanks for what?" he asked "for being there for me all the time" I said still hugging him "oh no problem" He said and hugged me, I released him from the hug "your the best big brother anybody could ask for" I said and kissed him on the cheek, I ran inside with my laptop and put it down on my bed, then Eleanor walked in "I have to leave, tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning" She said, I turned around "Everybody's gonna miss you El" I said, we hugged and she left to spend the last few hours she had with Louis, I sat down on the bed and thought about who I loved, Chris was my crush and my friend's told me he liked me too, But I had to move away from Cheshire and had to leave Chris there, I grabbed my laptop and sent an email to him ' to Hey Chris, I miss you and if your not dating anyone maybe I could come visit and we could hang? Love, Leona' After I sent that I got an email from him right away ' to Hey Leona, I moved to Doncaster and I'm dating Faith, Faith Broke, you might know her. Sorry, Chris' I got so mad at Faith that I started crying, "Leona what's wrong?!" Louis asked and sat down next to me "M-My best friend B-Back stabbed me" I said letting the tears flow down, Louis embraced me into a hug and comforted me.

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