My Brother, Louis tomlinson


2. Sleepover

-Leona's POV- I went home after meeting my mum and sisters, I jumped on the couch and watched TV quietly though, Jessie was sleeping "how did the contest go?" My foster mum asked "that's exactly what i wanted to talk to you about" I replied as she sat down "well talk" she said "Ok, I won the contest and met my mum,4 sisters and my brother" I said "wait you met your mum?" she asked "yes, and they asked me to move in with them" I said quietly "what did you say?" She asked "I said that i have to see if you will let me go" I replied "ok, Faith wanted to talk to you she said to call her when you get home" she said, after that i went to get the phone and ran to my room "Hello" she answered "Hey" I said into the phone "hey so where were you?" she asked "at Louis tomlinson's flat A.K.A my brother" I said "What no way!!!" she screamed "yes way! I'll tell you the rest tomorrow meet me at the park, Byee!" i said happily before hanging up, I layed down in my polka dot pajamas and thought about it 'I really want to live with him, but what about Jessie' I thought, I fell asleep at 12:00 and woke up at 7:00 in the morning by Jessie "Leona where are you going today?" He asked me curling up in my arms "Well I'm going to my brothers house and I'm sleeping over there" I said looking down at him, He was in a ball and i was hugging him "Let's go get ready he'll be here anytime soon" I said, then we got up, Jessie left so I could get dressed, the doorbell rang when i was watching TV, I went up and opened it "Hey Leona" Louis said "Hey come on in" I said and moved to the side, After I shut the door Jessie ran up "Leona can you play cards with me?" He asked "Not right now sweetie I have a visitor" I said quietly "who's that?" Jessie asked and pointed to Louis "That's my brother Louis, Louis this is Jessie" I said then Jessie ran away "Hi I`m Rachel, Leona`s foster mum" She said "Hi I'm Louis, her brother" He said "So Leona are you going right now?" she asked "Oh no" I said and grabbed Louis hand and ran into my room "Ow" he said and rubbed his wrist "this is my room" I said and sat down on my bed, Jessie ran in and sat down in my lap "your the cutest 3 year old i have ever seen" Louis said and ruffled his hair, I picked Jessie up and went to my foster mum "Can i take Jessie with me for the night?" I asked "Yes you can" She replied, Louis and I high fived and I grabbed Jessie and followed Lou to the car -At his Flat- We walked in and sat Jessie down on the couch and sat next to him "Hey" Harry said "hey this is Jessie" I said, After a while of watching movies it was 7:00 and Jessie fell asleep so I decided we could play a game "Truth or dare!" Niall said "Would you rather" I said and we decided on would you rather "Lou would you rather lick  peanut butter off of a TV or eat worms!" Niall yelled "Niall!" I whispered and pointed to Jessie "sorry" he whispered "lick peanut butter off of a TV" Louis replied, After a long time of playing everyone went to sleep but me and Louis "we need to give you a nickname" Louis said "okay sure" I replied "Leo! yeah Leo is your nickname" He said "ha ha night" I said "Night" he said and before he left he kissed me on the cheek, I walked up to the couch and layed down next to Jessie and he curled up in my arms.


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