My Brother, Louis tomlinson


7. Scared for life

-Leona's POV- I woke up and got into the shower, I blow dried my Dirty blonde hair and put on natural make-up, I put my hair in a bun and put on some grey sweats and the Jack Wills hoodie that Harry gave to me, I walked into the hall and heard "did she leave?" "No I begged and she didn't" I walked in "Hey!" I said and sat down on the couch, They all stood up and walked away, I watched in shock, I stood up and walked to Louis' room, I knocked "Louis? What was that!?" I asked, I walked away and watched TV "change, change you life take it all" I started singing quietly, I knocked again "LOUIS! OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!" I yelled "I'm turning  twenty tomorrow" I said then banged my fist against his door, I turned the door knob and pushed, It opened just a crack and they didn't hear "well El, aren't we old enough to have a three year old?" I heard Louis say "I guess so" I heard Eleanor say, I quickly ran back to my room and got dressed in my skateboarding outfit with out the bandana though, I grabbed my skateboard and rod over to Tim Horton's "an iced cap please" I  said to the person working there, she gave it to me and I sat down at a table, I searched through my pockets and found a note 'Leona, I'm sorry for ignoring you this morning -Louis' It read, I wasn't mad but I was confused, I rode around town and found some fans "Hello Leona, Can I take a picture with you?" A sweet little girl asked "Sure!" I replied, I sat down on my skateboard and she sat on me, After the picture I rode back home, I sat down on the couch, "Louis! finally!" I said "Leona meet my daughter Rosabelle"' He said, my eyes widened "I took a picture with her daddy!" she said pointing at me, "If you want you can call her Rosa" Eleanor said, Rosa looked a lot like Lou she had his face and Eleanor's hair, She ran over to me and put her hands on my knees, and looked up at me, she looked at me like pick me up so I did, I sat her next to me and smiled, I looked at the time and got up I ran towards the door and Rosa started whining a little, I forgot about my meeting with my drum teacher -After meeting- I got home and went to my bedroom, I got in to my PJ's and crawled into bed "can Rosa sleep with you?" I heard Louis ask quietly "sure" I groaned back, I fell asleep right after.

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