My Brother, Louis tomlinson


8. Interviews and Birthdays

-Leona's POV- "Leo! are you coming!" Louis yelled, I ran downstairs with my pj's still on, "Give me a break!" I said, I ran back upstairs, I got dressed in a nice pink tank-top and some black skinnies, I put my phone in my pocket and put on my pink high top heels, and walked downstairs, I walked outside to the backyard, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Louis yelled, I walked down toward them "Are we going?" I asked with a smirk on my face "LET'S GO!" Niall yelled, While we were walking to go to an interview we ran into some directioner's "Can I get a picture with Leona?" I heard a guy asked, He looked like he was 19, We took a picture "I'm Jake, 20 years young, and a boy directioner" He said giving me a marker, I signed his hand, I walked away from him and back to the boys, When we got there they took us in "So we heard about your little sister, Can we bring her in?" I heard the interviewer say, I got escorted to a room "Oh... We thought she was a little girl..." The other said "Hey! I just turned 20 today!" I said -after the interview- I walked into the living room and sat down next to Harry "We're going to a bar, coming with?" Louis asked "Well yea!" I said, I took a shower and put on the only clean shirt I had, A cheetah print crop top, It wasn't that short so I was fine, I put on some ripped black skinny jeans and my black converse, I walked out and went into the car, the song C'mon by Ke$ha was on "Turn it up!" I yelled, Louis turned it up "do you like this song?" Harry asked "Yeah!" I replied -After the car ride- We all ran down the street, we got to the end of the street and started laughing "Best night ever" I said, We all walked into the bar, We all got a couple of drinks but Liam he said happy birthday, hugged me and left, We left, We weren't drunk, so we ran around the streets chasing after each other. When we got home "goodnight" I told Niall who was outside of my door talking to me "Night" He said and walked into his room, I stared at the ceiling thinking about my personal relationship, I don't have a boyfriend but I really like Niall, "Leona? you up?" Niall asked quietly crawling into my room "yea" I said sitting up, He sat down next to me "let's watch a movie" he said "sure" I replied, Niall put in Love actually, I fell asleep at the end of the movie and Niall did too.

-author's note- Love you guys! so I choose Liall for Leona, BTW I'm in love with the song C'mon by Ke$ha so it kinda makes sense Leona will like it LOL -xoxShay

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