My Brother, Louis tomlinson


10. Grr...

A/N Just before I start this chapter I wanted to let you in on a little info of The story of My Life, It's getting updated really soon! I'm sooooo sorry I'm just so busy, Thanks for reading and if you haven't yet, go read The Story Of My Life! Enjoy the chapter

-Leona's POV- Louis woke me up at 3 AM and I hit him "What the hay Louis!?" I screamed at him "I had to wake you up!" He replied laughing, He took all of my clothes and threw them at Niall who was sitting beside him and then he threw it at me "I should lock my door more" I said getting out from under the blanket "We need to go shopping" Louis whined "And you had to wake me up at 3 in the morning?" I asked getting a pair of high tops out "Yes" He nodded,  I pointed to the door and they both left, I put on a lime green crop top and white jean shorts, I curled my hair and got on my high tops then I skipped out the door "Okay, you go shopping, I go to see why friends. Deal?" I asked "No! You can't leave me alone with these pinheads!" Liam screamed "Fine, I 'll come but you aren't buying me anything, Louis" I turned to him "Sure" He smirked ~At the mall~ "Liam go get food, Harry and Zayn go with him, Louis and Niall stay with me" I said and started walking, I turned around "Let's go" I pointed a finger at Stitches "Go look at clothes for yourself" I said and grabbed a pair of shorts that were a mix of orange and red, I also grabbed a pair that were a mix of yellow and green then I grabbed a t-shirt that has a union jack on it and one that has a cat, Then I grabbed a blue pair of toms and a pair of sneakers, I grabbed a short dress that was green and I grabbed a pair of high tops and a pair of high heels "Leo! let's pay" He grabbed the shorts I was holding and threw them back "Fine" I mumbled ~At Starbucks~ I run up to my best friend, gave her a squeeze and walked to the table that I was sitting at "Who's that?" Harry looked at her like he was trying to seduce her "That's Jenna, My best friend" I said and smacked him "Ow" He replied ~At home~ "I want to go to the beach!" I yelled "No Leona" "let me go to the beach! let me go to the beach!" I chanted, I ran out the door and down the hall "You'll never catch me!" I yelled back at them while running "Leona, please come back" Niall started to cry, I slowed down "Get her boys!" He shouted, I started to run, taking quick but long steps, I felt a hand grasp around my arm and another on my other arm "Boys let go!" I shouted and then looked up "Your not the boys..." I said "Boys! Help! Louis! Help me!" I screamed, struggling to get out of their grasp "Leona!" I heard Louis yell, The strange people picked me  up and pushed me into the back seat of a car and then sped off "Let me leave!" I shouted as they were talking me up into an apartment "Louis, if only you could have saved me" I mumbled and started to cry "Oh c'mon kid don't cry!" One of them said, I kept crying and then they put me down on a couch "stay there" He pointed at me, I nodded and then a black out occurred and I ran as fast as I can out the door and onto the street "Louis!" I yelled looking for my older sibling "Leona!" I heard, I ran the way the voice was calling "Louis" I mumbled and ran up behind him and jumped onto him, making him stumble to the ground "Sorry" I helped him up, He embraced me in a hug and we found hotel to stay at for the night "Mhm, Yes Liam I found her" "Yeah" "At 5:00?" "Perfect, bye" He hung up "Turn away and don't look until I tell you" I said and he did as I told him to, We had no PJ's so we had to sleep in our underwear, I got underneath the blanket and hid myself "Okay you can get undressed now" I said 'Stupid me! you can get undressed now, What the hell Leona?' I thought "Night Leo" He whispered "Night Lou" I replied and fell asleep a couple minutes later.

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