My Brother, Louis tomlinson


4. Forgive and Forget

-Leona's POV- I woke up and very slowly got up, Something was missing maybe My brother or EVERYONE! "Guys I'm not in the mood!" I yelled, When I noticed they were all gone I texted Louis 'Where are you?' 'at a rehearsal didn't want to wake you up' 'Oh okay but when you get home you need to drive me to my drum lessons' 'Okay' -When the boys got home- "Ready?" Louis asked me annoyed "Let me get my drum sticks!" I yelled at him "ok let's go" I said with a big smile on my face, When we walked in there was another person "Leo meet our drummer, Josh" Liam said "Hi" He said putting his hand in front of him "Hi" I said and shook his hand "Where are you guys going?" Zayn asked "Drum lessons" I said grabbing my bag and throwing it over my shoulder -At home- I sat down on my bed and grabbed my laptop ' to I miss you! I just got back from drum lessons, It was fun. How is it going back there? See ya sometime, Leona' I emailed Faith "LEONA!" I heard Louis scream, I ran into the living room "what?" I asked him "Hi!" A girl standing next to him smiled "This is my girlfriend, Eleanor" He said "Hi I'm Leona, His sister" I said "Nice to meet you" She said "You too, Now have a good time together, I'm gonna go SURFING!" I said then ran away, Our tour bus was parked close to a beach and luckily I had a surf board, I ran to my room and got my bathing suit on, then I grabbed My Black surf board, It had a pink stripe going down the middle, I had another one but this one matched the black bathing suit I was wearing. I ran outside and found Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn siting on the sand "Hey" I said "Hi" they all replied "Going surfing?" I asked "I am" Niall raised his hand "I'm going too" I said before i ran off -After surfing- I took a shower and got my PJ's on, I  crawled under neath the blanket and turned on the tiny TV I had in my room, Soon enough Louis came in "I'm sorry" He said quietly "I heard you last night and your forgiven" I said, He smiled and turned off the TV "you have to sleep in the living room" He said "Why?" I said getting up "Eleanor is staying here" He whispered, Without a fuss I grabbed a blanket and went over to the couch, I watched Part of me, Katy Perry's movie. I fell asleep about an hour later. The next morning, I knocked on my door "who is it?" I heard Louis ask in a sleepy voice "Leona" I said "come in" He yelled, I walked in grabbed my clothes and laptop and went back to the living room, I put down my laptop on the couch and went into the bathroom, I took a shower and put on a blue tank-top, Black skinny jeans and My high top heels, I walked outside and saw the guys giving autographs to fans, Then when they saw me they started running, I had no other choice but to turn around and run, I didn't run fast so they caught me "your Louis sister!" One yelled "Is it true your dating Harry?" another yelled "No!" I yelled and ran off into the tour bus, They where like zombies banging on your door and windows to get in, I guess Louis noticed how frightened I was and told them to go away, When the boys came in Harry and Niall where laughing at me so I playfully punched them both in the arm and went to my laptop ' to I miss you too! Back here everything is fine but Jessie, I helped your foster mum and he kept screaming Leona! Leona! and running around, Missing you, Faith' after I read that I went on twitter, 2000 followers! I tweeted 'Got attacked by you crazy fans in Chicago, Please don't attack me and ask NICELY! thank you @Louis_Tomlinson for saving my life' "Coming backstage or onstage?" Louis asked "Onstage I guess!" I replied closing my laptop -Onstage- "Welcome my sister Leona!" Louis said, I walked out wearing the stuff i was wearing before "Hi!" I said waving to the crowd -reading twitter questions- "Emily asks Leona I saw your tweet this morning and wanted to ask where they like zombies?" Harry read out loud "Well yeah they where!" I said -After the concert- When we got home it was 11:00 so we all went to bed, I had to sleep on the couch again but i didn't complain

-Authors Note- So what do you think of it? Tell me in the comments if Leona should date Harry or date Niall you choose!  If you want any new characters just request them! Thanks for reading it's really nice to know I have some fans -xoxShay


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