My Brother, Louis tomlinson


6. At home

-Leona's POV- it had been two months since we left, Louis and I went over to Faith's house, He knocked "Hey Leona! Louis! come on in!" She said moving to the side, We walked in and I saw Chris "don't talk to me Chris" I said "Faith can we speak to you alone?" Louis asked, Chris left and I started talking "How could you, I told you I loved him! you told me you wouldn't date him if you saw him! EVER!" i yelled "That was 3 years ago Leona!" She yelled back "But it was a slap swear!" I screamed "I don't care any more Leona, Promises are made to be broken" She said, i pushed her onto the couch and walked out the door, Louis drove us home and I collapsed on the couch when we got there "Harry get everybody to leave please" Louis said, Harry quickly nodded and got everybody out , "Leo, Why did you trust her?" He asked "She was my best friend Louis!" I screamed "Leo calm down everything will be alright, You got us" he said "Who's us!?" I said starting a panic attack and that's not good "Us is Me, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle" He said "Lou can you grab my laptop?" I asked, He grabbed my laptop and handed to me, I went on Facebook 'Leona Tomlinson is a bitch, Unfriend her' Faith wrote, I checked in the comments and saw an old friend of mine standing up for me 'Leona is not! she is a beautiful, talented young lady and you don't deserve a friend like her' My best friend Cathy McDurmont wrote 'you shouldn't talk to people that way cuz now you lost a lover' Chris wrote 'UGH I hate you Chris!" She wrote, right then and there a knock was at the door, I ran to opened the door and "Cathy!" I yelled hugging her "I missed you Leona and I think you have some one" She said moving aside "Chris" I said, He walked up to me and we kissed, there was no sparks and no fireworks, I guess it wasn't meant to be "Leona!" Louis yelled, I turned around and saw that he was mad, the hotness crept  up to my cheeks "Louis!" I yelled and pushed him, he walked away and Cathy came in "bye Chris" Cathy and I waved, "boy that was embracing" I said "yeah probably was" She said sitting down on the couch "I'm gonna go tell my brother your staying here" I said and walked to his room, I opened the door just a crack and heard him skyping Eleanor "I'm so mad at her! With that guy! UGH!" He yelled "Louis?" I asked quietly "GO AWAY LEONA!" he screamed, I never had anybody scream at me the way he did, "Cathy let's go, I'm going back to Rachel's" I said and started to tear up  "Leona wait I didn't mean it like that!" Louis said and grabbed my arm, I turned around "Louis you know I love you but you never yelled at me like that and you can't stop thinking that I'm five!" I said "Leona, remember what I told you when you were getting bullied when you told me after the Ellen show?" He said -Flashback- "I'm getting bullied a lot" I told Louis "Come out strong, don't come out weak" Louis told me -Reality- " I do remember, but Louis I'm not five I'm nineteen turning twenty next week!" I said, It was already May and my birthday was on the 25 of May and that's Saturday "I know Leo, Just don't leave please" He begged "fine I'll stay" I said

-Author's note- They already had celebrated Harry's 19th birthday since it's in February, So team  Ceona or team Liall or team Larry (Leona and Harry NOT LOUIS!) If you have IG follow me I'm @lizard2558, Thanks for reading, -xoxShay 

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