My Brother, Louis tomlinson


1. Winning the contest

-Leona's POV- I woke up this morning so exited to see my favorite band One Direction on the Ellen show I entered the contest and hoped I would win, I got up and took a shower, I put on some natural make-up and curled my dirty blonde hair a little bit, I ran out into the hall after i was dressed and ran into the kitchen "Hey im going to the Ellen show today" I said to my foster mom "Good luck" she said and gave me the keys to the car "Bye! Bye Jessie" I said and hugged him, Jessie and I were adopted together, I jumped into the car and went there -At the show- "our contest winner is Leona Tomlinson?" I heard Louis question the tomlinson part "Leona Tomlinson please come here" Ellen said, I walked down and on stage "Leona?" Ellen asked "Yes im Leona" I replied -After the show- I went backstage with the boys and then Louis asked me "Are you sure your a tomlinson?" "I'm pretty sure before my dad died he said we were tomlinsons" I replied "What happened to your mum?" He asked "oh she divorced my dad when I was one and left with my brother" I said and put my hand on his shoulder, we walked to their flat then i tripped and Louis helped me up

-Louis' POV- I helped Leona up and looked into her ice blue eyes and realized she looked a lot like me, When we got to our flat I asked Leona what her mum's name was "What's your mum's name?" "Jay, Jay Tomlinson but i haven't talked to her in 18 years" She said looking down "you mean your 18?" I asked "No I'm 19" She said before harry walked in "Hey wanna watch a movie?" He asked "Sure, where?" She asked "In Lou's room" then we both got up and went to watch the movie, Halfway through the movie everyone but me and Niall fell asleep, so I went to my mum's, "Why didn't you tell me that I had another sister!?!" I yelled "What?" She said looking confused "does Leona ring a bell?" I asked "Leona!" She said looking at a picture, she showed me a picture of Leona and Me "I'm so sorry boobear" she said "do you want to see her?" I asked quietly "Yes! should i go get Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy and phoebe?" "yea why not" I replied, We all piled into my car and I drove back "Where were you?" Liam asked me "Getting them" I pointed to my mum and sisters "where's Leona?" my mum asked "over there" Liam pointed "Hi Louis" She said as we walked over "Hi Leona" My mum said quietly "this is our mum, Jay" I said and her eyes widened "Mum?" she asked and hugged her, after everyone met each other, Leona went home and every one went to sleep

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