My Life In One Direction

Well Aubrey was a typical girl who moved from the united states to London England and auditioned for the X Factor back in 2010. She got put in a mixed band with 5 cute boys ( Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam) now her life got better or did it?


11. You?!

Harry's POV

When we came back from McDonald's Aubrey told Paul something and she just went in her room. "Hey Paul what did Aubrey talk to you about?" I need to know what's going on with my fiance. "She's just going to the gym." "Oh okay." I just wanted to tell Paul about the messages, but maybe it's best if he doesn't know yet, and anyways Aubrey would be so mad if she found out we looked through her phone. So I just went to my room and decided to take a quick shower. I was thinking maybe I should follow Aubrey so I can kick that creep's butt. I probably could take him. Maybe I need to bulk up a bit before she sees him. So I told Paul that I was also going to the gym. I got over there and I got right to work. I didn't see Aubrey anywhere. Maybe there is a separate gym for women. Oh well. I'll go by her room later to see if she wants to watch a movie, then maybe I could distract her or make her fall asleep so I can check her messages. I was curling weights on a bar and next thing I know I see some girls smiling at me. I smiled and concentrated once again. The girls were still there when I finished. I went to the elevator and pushed the button for the last floor. But that didn't stop the girls. They asked for a picture and I did, but one of them grabbed my butt and gave me a room key to meet her in. "Oh sorry I'm engaged." I handed the key back to her and she gave me the stink eye. She turned around but before I knew it she grabbed my face and kissed me. ME! I tried to pull away but I didn't want to hurt her. She let go. "What are you doing!? I'm engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world! Just get out of the elevator please." She looked hurt but I didn't care. She stepped out and the doors closed. I can't believe I just cheated on Aubrey. I have to tell her as soon as possible. I rushed to her room and knocked on the door. I checked my phone to see the time. 7:30. Maybe she's taking a shower. I knocked one more time, but no answer. I tried to open the door. Unlocked? I went inside and found nothing. I was starting to get worried. I went to Paul's room. I knocked and he answered. "Do you know where Aubrey is?" Hopefully he knew. "No isn't she in her room?" "No, I thought you knew where she was." "Maybe she's still in the gym." "I just came back from there she wasn't in there the entire time." We went to the gym and she wasn't in there. We saw a guy with what looks like a karate robe. "Excuse me have you seen a dark haired girl in here?" Paul looked anxious now. "Oh Aubrey yeah she was in the dojo. We sparred and she was off the chain. That girl has skills in self defense." Self defense? "Paul I think I know where Aubrey is." I told him everything about the messages and he started to get more and more angry. We grabbed the other boys and headed to the alley. What we saw


Aubrey's POV

Well it was already 7:30 so I headed out. I had to sneak by all of the rooms so nobody saw me. I wore some Miss Me Jeans, my navy blue toms, a black jacket from Aeropostale,  and Harry's purple Hipsta Please shirt. I pulled my hair in a high bun and some mascara wouldn't hurt. I walked out of the hotel and nobody noticed me. I pulled on my hoodie and walked to the alley. There was no one here. so I just waited by the opening so I could at least see. Someone grabbed me by the back and put their hand over my mouth. So predictable. I grabbed his hand that was over my mouth and hit a pressure point. He screamed and let me go. The person who made me cringe every time I saw or touched a man, was in fact my old boyfriend. Treyson had brown hair, and it actually looked like Harry's. When we dated he had brown straight hair, and he had this nice twinkle in his brown eyes that he lost. He had this evil smirk on his lips."You?!" I felt so angry. "So now you know. Aubrey I still love you, and I knew you were going to be in Los Angeles so I took the liberty of making you mine. Remember why we broke up?" "Of course I remember. It was because you wanted to have sex and I didn't. So you raped me and got me pregnant because you thought I would come back to you?" "Of course. I made you mine and now we are expecting a child." "You're crazy if you think I would come back to you now. I love Harry ever since X Factor and anyways I already gave myself to him. You wanna know why I gave myself to him and not you. Because I feel like he really cares about me. All you wanted was my virginity and that was it. Harry cares about me, loves me, and he feels the same way about me the way I feel the way about him. So you can forget me coming with you." He had hurt in his eyes and that fueled his anger. "If you aren't coming with me peacefully I guess I'm going to have to do it by force." He came lunging for me but I dodged and punched him in the face. "Don't you remember Treyson. I was the best in our dojo. Honestly can you not remember? I do. Every time we sparred I always beat you. Come on Treyson. BE A MAN!" I kicked him in the gut and pulled him up. But before I knew it his got on top of me and started choking me. "Do you not remember I always went easy on you because you were MY GIRLFRIEND!" I remembered Sensai said if he pinned me down and started choking me I should wrap my legs around his waist and distribute all of my weight to one side that way I would now be on top. I did as he told me and it worked. I put my arms in between his, because he was still choking me, and rotated my arms and he released his grip and I grabbed his arms. I saw some rope in his pocket and decided to hog tie his butt. "Don't you remember that I always beat everyone in the dojo even Sensai." I smirked and got off of him. Next thing I know there are other arms around me. It was an instinct to grab him by the back of his shirt and fling him over me. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry Paul!" I see that the person that I flung was my own body guard, Paul. I helped him up and kept saying sorry. The boys were on the floor cracking up, and Paul being the body guard asked," Where did you learn that? You need to teach me all of your moves!" I laughed and Harry saw that someone was tied up and screaming. Harry looked at me with amazement. "Who is he and how in the world did you take him?" "Don't look surprised! He was my last boyfriend when I was still in America. And to answer your other question, I took lessons in a self defense dojo and I was the best in the entire dojo." "No you weren't! You won all of those matches because I told everybody if they hurt you I would hurt them." I looked at him and kneeled beside him and said," Oh yeah? Well if I wasn't the best, look who's hog tied and who's laughing. Also every time Sensai sparred you he always won, and when Sensai and I sparred I always beat him. That is because I won world title for self defense and you didn't. Now Paul please call the police so Treyson can be arrested for rape and attempted kidnapping. Oh yeah also I was a lawyer in training so you can get 25 to life with parole... if you're lucky." I got up and help Harry's hand. "This isn't over Aubrey! You will be mine!" "Actually she's mine dirt bag!" Harry grabbed my chin and kissed me softly. "ARGHH!!! LET ME GO!" Paul waited with him until the cops came and I asked Harry if he wanted to see my self defense technique. "After what I saw what you did to him no thank you." I laughed. "No I mean there is a dojo with a Sensai. I can spar him and see if I can beat him again." "Sure." "Harry?" "Yeah?" "I think our life is going to get even better." "Well we are in one of the hottest bands in history and we are engaged/ expecting so I think it got better when we met. I love you Aubrey." "I love you too Harry." 


***Author's Note***

So Treyson, her old boyfriend, raped her! Shocker! :) There will be more chapters about Aubrey and Harry's lives. Promise! Thanks for reading! See y'all soon!

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