My Life In One Direction

Well Aubrey was a typical girl who moved from the united states to London England and auditioned for the X Factor back in 2010. She got put in a mixed band with 5 cute boys ( Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam) now her life got better or did it?


6. You Just Don't Understand!

Aubrey's POV

"Hello?" The darkness swallowed my up and I am trying to find my way back to the light. Suddenly I see myself on my bed bruised and crying. What the mess? He was getting dressed and he had a tattoo on his shoulder saying," Do or Die!" Oh my gosh! Stop! I tried to pinch myself but it wasn't working! " If you tell anybody about this you slut I will find you and kill you! Now I'm leaving beautiful. Will you miss me?" He grabbed my face and punched me. "No stop hitting me!" I screamed at the top of my lungs but he didn't listen. He kissed my roughly and left. I just curled into the fetal position and just cried. I finally woke up screaming and kicking. Someone was holding me and that scared me even more so I just kept flailing. "Shhh, it's okay Aubrey. You're safe." I heard that familiar voice and I stopped. I looked up to see those amazing green eyes I trust. I buried my face into his chest and cried. Harry was always the one there for me, and maybe I could love someone like him when the time comes. I just couldn't right now because it will be a long time before I love anyone. "Aubrey it's okay, he can't hurt you anymore." "How do you know that Harry?" I know I sounded cruel but it was true he doesn't know what I've been through. "You can't know that. You just don't understand! He took my virginity! I was a virgin before that nasty bastard took it away from me! That was the only thing I wanted until I was married and he took it from me at a blink of an eye!" At that point I was shouting and crying. There was a knock at my door. I cringed at the sound of a man's voice. "It's okay it's just the other boys. They're coming to check on you. Come on in guys." They came in with a lot of chocolate and movies. I smiled at how they try so hard to help me out. "Thanks guys I need friends like you guys at a time like this. Oh that reminds me I forgot to call Sophia. Can you hand me my phone, Louis?" He looked at where I was pointing and grabbed my phone. Then Niall asked me,"Are you gonna tell her what happened?" "Of course I'm going to tell her. She's my BEST..." When they heard BEST they all looked down disappointed. "My BEST GIRL FRIEND." They looked back up all happy. I took my call in my bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I dialed the number and she picked up. "Hey Aubrey why didn't you call when you got there? I told you to call me when you got to your hotel room." I thought of why I didn't call her and just said it to get it over with. "I was raped last night." She sounded like she was about to cry. "What?" "Like you heard it someone raped me last night. I don't know who the guy was but...." I looked into the trash can and saw a note. "Hold on Sophia." I read the note and it said:


Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you that I didn't use protection so you might want to go to the doctor to see if I got you pregnant! Bye...

"Sophia where are you?" "In New York remember we were gonna hang out together after your concert. Why?" "Meet me at the Starbucks next to my hotel. I need to talk to you in person." "Okay at what time?" "Now please if you can make it in about 10 minutes. See you there." I hung up and got dressed. I ran out of the bathroom and grabbed my clothes. The boys were still in there, and I started to change in front of them. They all saw me in my underwear but when I turned to my closet and my back facing them I heard gasps. "What?" I asked wondering. Harry was the first to cry when he saw my back. The others just turned there heads so they wouldn't stare at whatever was on my back. Zayn was the one to tell me I had big hand marks and finger prints on my back. I teared up but didn't stop changing. "Where do you think you're going, Aubrey?" Louis being the big brother he was very protective of me. "I'm going to meet Sophia at Starbucks. I'll be back later. I'll be safe and I'll be with her the entire time." I put my Miss Me Jeans on and my blue shirt on along with my black scarf, and my navy blue toms. I grabbed my bag, phone,  sunglasses, and jacket and ran out. I got to Starbucks and saw Sophia sitting there waiting for me. I told her every little detail of what I remember and the notes. She finally told me to go to the doctor to see if I was pregnant. "That's why you're here, you're coming with me to the doctor. I already called and made my appointment. It's in 30 minutes and the clinic isn't far so let's go." We grabbed our coffee and bags and we were off to see the doctor.


***Author's Note***

How is it so far? Enough drama? What do you think the doctor will tell Aubrey? Stay tuned to find out! Thanks for reading lovelies!!

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