My Life In One Direction

Well Aubrey was a typical girl who moved from the united states to London England and auditioned for the X Factor back in 2010. She got put in a mixed band with 5 cute boys ( Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam) now her life got better or did it?


3. Why are you helping them?

Aubrey's POV

So I already left for boot camp and we are at the dancing stage of the competition. I'm quite good at dancing because I was a cheerleader back home so I pick up dances fairly quick. Anyways I run over the dance a few more times and this blonde boy with sparkling blue eye and a curly brown headed boy was staring at me while I was dancing. Finally the blonde boy pushes the brown headed kid towards me. And if I do say so myself they are both quite cute!

"Can you help us with out dancing?" He had the cutest British accent and then the blonde boy came up and gave me the puppy dog eyes. I mean come on how could I say no to those blue and green eyes! So I did what any normal teenage girl do...I said, "Sure what do you need help on? But first I think we should introduce ourselves. I'm Aubrey." I put my hand out so we could shake hands and both of the both looked at each other at the same time and pulled me into this big bear hug. "I'm Harry, Harry Styles." The boy with the perfect curls said. "And I'm Niall, Niall Horan." The blonde boy said and I said, "Well lets get down to business shall, we?" They had this cute twinkle in their eyes that I don't know why they had. So we had about 2 more hours until evaluation and at that point and time both of the boys had the dance down perfectly. 3 more hits came up to me and asked if I could help them as well and of course I said yes. I live helping people! The boy with the long brown hair said his name was Louis Tomlinson and the boy with the long eyelashes and dark complextion, like mine, said his name was Zayn Malik, and the other boy with his hair flipped to one side and the big brown eyes said his name was Liam Payne. I helped them all get the dance down and by that time Simon called me over and asked if I was helping the competition. "Yes I am helping the boys." He looked at me like I was crazy. Simon then said," So you're helping them beat you?" I thought about it for a minute and said," There's nothing wrong with a little help." "Why are you helping them?"

"Because they are my friends, Simon. I help my friends out when they need it." It was true I did help my friends out a lot. For some odd reason Simon had the strangest look in his eyes like he had a plan or something. He dismissed me and I went back to the boys. "Did we get you in trouble?" "No Harry you guys didn't get me in trouble. Don't worry about it. He just wanted to know why I was helping you guys with your dancing." Zayn asked, "Why are you helping us?" "Because you guts are my friends and I help my friends every possible way." I face them all a smile and they all barracaded me into a huge hug! "Can't...breathe!" We all started laughing and when I looked over to Simon he had this smile that sent chills down my spine. Weird.

"I'm sorry girls you all are going home." Those words just destroyed my self-confidence. I packed all of my things and headed for the door. As I was waiting for the car to pull up Harry and Niall came out with their suitcases too. They saw I was crying and ran to me for hug also. We hugged for about 5 minutes when a stage hand came out and told us that the judges wanted to talk to us. I entered with the girls hand in hand and Simon asked me if I could switch over to the guys side. I did as he asked and said," As you are you all are invited to the judges house. now this is a lifeline. You're through to the judges house." We all cried happy tears and we hugged each other and as Simon was about to leave he caught my eyes. I think that was his plan all along! I mouthed him a thank you and went and celebrated with my new band!
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