My Life In One Direction

Well Aubrey was a typical girl who moved from the united states to London England and auditioned for the X Factor back in 2010. She got put in a mixed band with 5 cute boys ( Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam) now her life got better or did it?


7. What?!

Aubrey's POV

"Okay so we need a cab." I whistled like my mother taught me and the cab just pulled up. "How did you do that?" "My mother taught me. Now let's go." I told the cab driver the directions and he took us there. We got out and went to the front desk. "Hello how may I help you girls?" She seemed nice. "Yes I have an appointment for 10:30. My name is Aubrey Tanner." "Ah yes the doctor will be with you shortly. You can take a seat anywhere you'd like." "Thank you ma'am." Both me and Sophia said at the same time. We waited for about 5 minutes until it was my turn. Hello Aubrey my name is Dr. Herbert. So what seems to be the problem? Well I think I might be pregnant and also I think I got raped. So if you could do some tests to see if  that actually happened." He seemed around in his mid 30's and he had some brown eyes like mine. "Why sure I can. I would like you to pee in this cup and we could see if there has been any sexual intercourse without your permission." He was nice but I had to tell him something. "Also if you don't mind to keep this to yourself and the nurses, too. See I'm part of the biggest band, and if the paparazzi found out about this they would destroy my singing career." "Of course. Everything is discrete in my clinic, and no one will  find out about your visit today. Promise." "Thank you so much!" He gave Sophia and I a smile and walked out. I peed in the cup and gave it to the nurse. We waited for about 1 hour before Harry started his calling. He called about 20 times before I answered. "Hello? Aubrey why haven't you answered my other calls?" He sounded worried and like he's been crying for hours. "Sorry Harry Sophia and I have been to the mall and we just came out of the movie theater. We'll be at the hotel in a little bit. Okay?" I hope he believed me and he did. "Okay just be careful. Tell Sophia I said hi and call me when you're done with your girls day out, okay?" "Yes Harry I'll call you. Love you! Bye." He said he loves me too before we hung up. At that point the doctor came in and he looked a bit worried. "So Dr. Herbert what is it? Am I pregnant? Did someone rape me last night? Please tell me!" He looked up and said that I in fact pregnant and the rest he didn't want to say. "What?!" I started to cry. "I don't have AIDS do I?" "Fortunately you don't but please girls be careful when you drink." "I didn't drink at all that's the weird thing." "Okay well here are your pregnancy results and all of the paperwork you give at the front desk. Stay safe girls." He said the last part with meaning. We said thank you and good bye and we went to pay at the front desk. We got in the cab and went to the hotel I called Harry and when we got there all of the boys were on the steps waiting for me. We got out and rushed to the room. I told the boys I wanted to be alone in the elevator with Sophia but they started to protest. "I said I'm going in the elevator with Sophia only. End of discussion." They looked hurt but I said I loved them and I was grateful they wanted to help but I need my girl friend to be with me. They understood and took the next one up. On the way up I asked Sophia what should I tell them. "Tell them the truth. It's best if they find out from you." "Okay, thanks Sophia for being here." We hugged and went to my room. I pulled out all of the paperwork and layed  them out on the desk. The boys came in without knocking and asked what was going on. I sighed and told them. "I'm pregnant. Fortunately I didn't catch any sexual diseases but I was raped and got pregnant." I looked at there faces and Louis was the one that asked the question on everybody's minds. "Are you going to keep the baby?" I looked at all of them except for Sophia because she already knew what I was going to say. "Of course I'm keeping my baby! Just because some dirty bastard raped me doesn't mean I'm going to get rid of the baby. I'm going to love this baby like no other. I'm involved already in this baby's life I'm not just going to end like that. I'm keeping my baby!" I grabbed my stomach like I was going to protect with all my might. Then Harry asked,"Well what are you going to tell the paparazzi? They are all going to be asking what happened to your bikini ready body." I thought to myself and said the only thing that I would ask of. "I guess one of you will have to be the 'Father' of this baby. Please it would mean the world to me!" I said it with tears in my eyes. Would they do this for me?


Harry's POV

"I guess one of you will have to be the 'Father' of this baby. Please it would mean the world to me!" She was about to cry and I hate it when she cries. I think I'm ready to be a father. Especially with Aubrey. I mean I've loved her with all my heart for 2 years and I think she would be an excellent mother so I said,"I'll do it. I mean I'm ready to be a dad and come on Aubrey needs our help so I'll take part in this baby's life." She had her beautiful smile again and she ran and hugged me. All the other boys and Sophia had their jaws on the floor. "I want to be the uncle!" Oh Louis! "Of course you can be the uncle Lou! All of you boys can be uncles and Sophia will be the aunt! What do you think Harry?" Aubrey was so excited I couldn't disagree with her. "Of course we will all be a part of this baby's life." We all celebrated and I had an idea. I grabbed Niall and headed down to the lobby. "So tell me the plan again." "Okay well I love Aubrey so much that I'm going to make it official and propose to her tonight at the concert. Let's go pick out a beautiful ring for a beautiful girl." We bought a bing expensive ring and headed back to the hotel. Paul came in the room and saw all of us celebrating. "Why are you all celebrating and with orange juice?" I decided to tell Paul,"Aubrey got pregnant and since she is pregnant we decided to celebrate with orange juice." Paul looked like he was about to faint. We sat him down and Aubrey told him everything, and I mean everything! At the end of the story telling we were all crying. Aubrey was the only one not crying. I don' t know why though. It happened to her. Maybe she just accepted the fact that she couldn't do anything about it anymore. "Well we have to go to the concert. Let's go everyone. Here is  your backstage pass Sophia." Paul walked out wiping the tears from his eyes. Well showtime. It's showtime for 2 reasons (a) We have a concert and (b) I was going to propose to Aubrey tonight!

At The Concert

 We were almost done we were saying good night to New York and I finally said something. "Wait, wait. I have to do something before we leave. I pulled out the Kay Jewelers box and walked over to Aubrey. I told Josh and the rest of the band to play a romantic song when I gave them the signal and it was actually really romantic. I got down on one knee and Niall came over with the microphone and placed it by my mouth. "Aubrey Tanner, will you marry me?" There were a lot of gasps and I heard crying from some girls. Aubrey looked stunned and she smiled and she remembered that she told me one time that she wanted to be proposed in a unique way. She smiled pulled me off of my knee and kissed me. We pulled away from each other. "I'll take that as a yes!" I hugged her and the fans gave us awww's and congrats. I'm so happy that we are getting married, and having a baby! We said good night and we got off of the stage. Everyone backstage gave us congrats and hugs. Today is the best day of my life!

***Author's Note***

They are getting married! Hope you guys are liking this! Thanks for reading and more chapters to come!

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