My Life In One Direction

Well Aubrey was a typical girl who moved from the united states to London England and auditioned for the X Factor back in 2010. She got put in a mixed band with 5 cute boys ( Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam) now her life got better or did it?


8. Thanks Harry...

Aubrey's POV

"Aubrey Tanner, will you marry me?" All I heard was, "Say yes," or crying from girls. I looked at the audience some were smiling at me others had death glares but I ignored them. Also someone slid a walkie talkie on stage. I picked it up and someone said,"You know you wanna say yes! Say YES!" I smiled and said into the walkie,"You know I will." I said it above a whisper so Harry couldn't hear me, but after I said it I heard I high pitched scream coming from the fifth row. I looked back to Harry with his beautiful green eyes beaming for an answer. Maybe I could love someone like him, and that someone was him. Ever since X Factor I always loved him more than a best friend. I remembered telling him I always wanted to be proposed to in a unique way. I bet I looked shocked, but that was because I never thought he would actually marry me. I just told him to tell everyone he got me pregnant, not marry me. I smiled and pulled him off of his knee as just went for it and kissed his perfectly soft lips. We pulled away from each, and he said,"I'll take that as a yes!" I hugged him and smiled like an idiot. I pulled away and all of the boys said congrats and hugged both of us. The directioners screamed,"CONGRATULATIONS HARRY AND AUBREY! WE LOVE YOU!" I looked over to them and smiled and said into my microphone,"I think it's safe to say that the curly one also got me pregnant!" They screamed so loud I couldn't hear. But when they died down Harry wrapped me up in a big embrace and kissed me softly but with so much love and care. He put a hand on my belly and asked,"Finally my princess realized I existed!" "I always wanted to be your princess since X Factor, Harry." "I always wanted to be your prince since X Factor too!" We looked at each other and then out of nowhere Louis said into his microphone,"I'm going to be an uncle! WHOO-HOO!" The rest of the boys said it too and we all huddled into a group hug! I said what the heck and told the security guards to grab a few fans from the audience and bring them up on stage. Paul looked at me like I was crazy but I gave him the puppy dog face and a peck on the cheek and he agreed. Some girls came up on stage and started to cry. We wrapped them up in the huddle and Harry, for some reason, pinched my butt! Since our backs were to the band instead of the audience, I made a move he would never forget. I grabbed his penis and said,"Wait till we're alone, Harry. I'm going to have to punish you for pinching my butt." I gave him a devilish smile and he said into his mic. "Well we gotta go thanks for an amazing night and we hope to be back soon!" We said our good-byes and Harry and I snuck to the closest restroom that had a lock and got down to business. We stripped down to our underwear. Harry decided to take matters into his own hands and unclipped my bra. He smiled into the kiss and right when he was about to take my panties off there was a knock at the door. "Are you in there Harry?" Louis. Of course he would ruin this chance for me and Harry. I smiled and said,"Maybe at the hotel." I gave him one last kiss, and one last tug of his curls, which made him moan, and we go dressed. Louis was still waiting outside before we came out. He had this smug smirk on his face that read,"Already?"

Harry's POV

Since she said what she said in the huddle I took matters into my own hands, and said goodnight to everybody and took Aubrey to the closest restroom with a lock on it and went down to business. We were kissing and stripping each other when we got down to our underwear. I unclipped her bra and smiled when we were kissing. Right when we were about to take off the rest of the clothes, there was a knock at the door. "Are you in there Harry?" Louis! Of course it's Louis! Aubrey smiled and said,"Maybe at the hotel." She gave me one last kiss, and one last tug of my curls, which made me moan. I wanted her so bad, it hurts. We got dressed and came out. Louis was still waiting outside, and he had this little smug smirk on his face that read,"Already?" I gave him the evil eye and he just laughed. We got in the van and turned the radio on. We all started singing to Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. We were all happy until Aubrey looked at her phone. She looked like she was about to be sick. "Babe are you okay?" She looked at me and fake smiled for sure. "Of course Harry." She locked her phone and just stared out of the window until we got to the hotel. We filed out and paparazzi asked so many questions. "Are you and Aubrey expecting?" "When did you know you loved Aubrey?" "Aubrey, Aubrey can I take a picture of you holding your stomach?" That guy crossed the line when he grabbed Aubrey's arm really hard and she yelped. I punched the guy in the face and I could see that Aubrey started to cry. I was so full of rage that I just lost it. I grabbed the guy still on the floor and grabbed the collar of his shirt. "If you ever touch her like that again I will kill you!" I snarled at the guy and he just nodded. I let go of him and took Aubrey up to her room. I checked her arm and saw a big bruise. I grew more angry and was about to go beat the guy up but she held me back. "Please Harry stay here with me." "But that guy..." She pulled me and into a passionate kiss like she would never see me again. "Stay, please." I couldn't say "no" to her so we got undressed and put our pajamas on and cuddled under the sheets. I saw some tears escape her eyes.  I was still wondering what was on her phone.

***Author's Note***

Sorry the chapters are so long! I just want to make it better than the first few chapters! Thanks for reading! What do you think is on Aubrey's phone? Will Harry ever find what is going on? Tune in to find out!

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