My Life In One Direction

Well Aubrey was a typical girl who moved from the united states to London England and auditioned for the X Factor back in 2010. She got put in a mixed band with 5 cute boys ( Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam) now her life got better or did it?


10. Realization Just Hit Me

Harry's POV

Well my day just got better. I finally showed Aubrey I love her. But I don't know how she could be within 30 miles of a guy after what she's been through. If that ever happened to me I would be locked in my room with a knife by the corner. I would've gone crazy, but that shows how strong and mature she is. I start to change into my purple Jack Wills jacket, some skinny jeans, and a beanie, while I think of last nights events. How I proposed to her at the concert, and how she announced we would also be expecting a baby. Actually, I'm really happy to take care of her baby like it was my own. She knows I love children and I would be honored to. We go and wake up the rest of the boys and Paul and we headed to McDonald's. We get there and we all order pancakes and a sausage mcgriddle with orange juice. We all take a seat at a big enough table, and soon enough we hear a phone go off. Aubrey's phone again? Maybe it's her mom...or maybe her big brother? I try to sneak a peek but she looks up with worry in her eyes. "Excuse me I need to use the restroom." Aubrey looked like she was about to be sick and sounded so scared and there were tears brimming at the bottom of her eyes. "Are you okay Aubrey?" Zayn took the words right out of mouth. "Yeah." She squeaked with horror. "Of course everything's fine. I just need some fresh air, that's all." Fresh air? I was getting worried. She was about to get up but I stopped her in her tracks. "Aubrey you just said you needed to use the restroom, and now you need fresh air? What has gotten into you?" She started to cry. Oh crap! "I'm so sorry Aubrey I didn't mean to offend you. Will you forgive me?" She looked up with tears rolling down her rosy cheeks. "No it's okay. I'm okay. I'm just frustrated that's all." She gave me a reassuring smile which didn't help at all. I nodded and she walked outside. When she left she forgot her phone so we decided to check it. "Does anyone know her password?" Niall whispered so she wouldn't come in and suspect us. We all said no and we just guessed. "Niall try 2222. 22 was her basketball number when she was in school." He put it in and no doubt about it the phone unlocked. She was on her messages and some unknown number was texting her. We read the text and we were disgusted by this guy. She came back in and we locked her phone again how she left it and started to eat again. "Everything alright, babe?" I asked wanting her to tell us, but she just nodded and started to eat.


Aubrey's POV

We got to McDonald's and we all ordered pancakes, a mcgriddle, and orange juice. We sat down at a big enough table and started talking. *DING* I got a text message. From the creep!

I can't wait to see you tonight my little darling! Please wear something sexy for Papa. Remember, nobody can know about our little get together. Or your friends and Harry die. See you tonight love!

I gagged for air. I felt sick to my stomach. "Excuse me I need to use the restroom. "Are you okay Aubrey?" Oh curse Zayn and his caring for me! I could feel the tears that are about to escape from my eyes. "Yeah" I heard myself squeak  "Of course everything's fine. I just need some fresh air that's all." I was about to get up but Harry had to question me. "Aubrey you just said you needed to use the restroom, and now you need fresh air? What has gotten into you?" I started to cry. Curse my weakness! "I'm so sorry Aubrey I didn't mean to offend you. Will you forgive me?" Harry being the softy apologized as soon as I started to cry. I looked up. "No it's okay. I'm okay. I'm just frustrated that's all." I gave him a reassuring smile, which he probably didn't buy. He nodded and I walked outside. I walked outside and I remembered that I forgot my phone. Oh well they don't know my password so they can't see the texts. Realization just hit me. I'm never going to see my boys again. I started to panic but I had come up with a plan. I stayed outside for about 5 minutes and I felt myself calming down minute-by-minute. I wiped the tears from my eyes and went inside. All I saw was the boys eating their pancakes and drinking their juice. Harry looked at me with his mesmerizing green eyes. "Everything alright, babe?" I felt as if he was trying to push me to say something but I pushed the feeling away. I thought it would be best to keep my mouth shut because it felt like if I opened my mouth I would tell them everything that the texts said. I just nodded and started eating. My goal tonight is to keep Harry and the boys safe from that lunatic. I wouldn't just run off with him. If this creep thinks he can manipulate me again he's sadly mistaken. What he doesn't know is his death. None of the boys know what I'm going to do to this creep. None of the boys know that I know what I know. I can't wait to see this creep. He is sadly mistaken if he's taking me with him. I smirked while I was eating and the good thing was that none of the boys saw me. We went back to the hotel and I told Paul that I was going to the gym. He nodded but what he didn't know was that I saw a dojo on the 3rd floor. We were all the way on the top floor so they wouldn't stop at the 3rd floor. I slipped on some short shorts, a loose shirt, which was Harry's by the way, and a towel and water and went to the 3rd floor. I found out that their was also a Sensai for the dojo so I took the liberty of asking him so defense moves. He taught me some good defense moves and we actually got to spar each other. I beat him. I'm that good! I was tired so I said thank you and since we were in a dojo I bowed to the Sensai and left. I got to my room and took a quick shower. I felt maybe I could watch a funny movie before my "meeting." I started watching White Chicks and then ended my film marathon with She's the Man. Amanda Bynes is so funny in this movie. I made myself popcorn, and by the end of the movies it was all gone. It was already 7 at night so I decided to text the creep.

At what time do you want me to come?-Aubrey

Around 7:30-Guy

Okay which side of the building?-Aubrey

On the right side of the building.-Guy

Okay see you soon. You promise you won't hurt any of the boys?-Aubrey

I promise I won't hurt your precious boys.-Guy

Okay see you soon.-Aubrey

I had the best idea to escape from that creep. It was sure to work. I won't let him hurt my baby or my other babies! I just won't let him do that. 


***Author's Note***

Okay this is actually getting pretty good! What do you think what will happen to Aubrey? What will the boys do about the texts and threats? Tune in to find out! And sorry I am updating so late! I can't sleep so this is my occupation! Well good night! XX :)

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