My Life In One Direction

Well Aubrey was a typical girl who moved from the united states to London England and auditioned for the X Factor back in 2010. She got put in a mixed band with 5 cute boys ( Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam) now her life got better or did it?


12. 1 Month Till Our Wedding


Harry's POV

"I want that tuxedo." This tuxedo has to be perfect! Especially because this particular tuxedo is the one that I will be wearing to my own wedding. "So you want it traditional but with a bow tie instead of a regular tie?" The sales clerk asked me. "Yes. The color of the bow tie has to be emerald green." "Okay, your order will be sent today and will be here in about 2 weeks. Is that okay Mr. Styles?" "That's perfect! Thanks!" "I hope your wedding is great!" " Thanks." I walk out of the tuxedo shop and as usual Aubrey is waiting for me. "Hey babe!" She's awfully cheery today despite being cranky and moody all week. "Hey Aubrey! Have you been waiting for me all afternoon?" "No I just came from the yogurt shop and I saw you through the window. So did you order your tux yet?" "Yeah just finished actually. Can I have some?" "Yeah sure." I took the spoon and ate some of her strawberry yogurt. "Did you hear the police released Treyson from jail?" I stopped eating and looked up. Her eyes were full of fear and disgust. "No. Why did they release him? With those types of charges he should be locked up for good!" "I know but he got parole. Harry I'm scared." " To be honest I'm scared as well but if he tries something I will be there to protect you. I promise." When I promise something I keep it. I gave her a hug and I felt her tears on my shirt. "Hey Aubrey guess what." She looked up and I wiped the tears from her big brown eyes. "What?" " I'm going to take you somewhere special tonight. Just you and me. Wear something pretty." With that we started walking and my hand protectively on her waist. "Aubrey even though you are pregnant you still are THE PRETTIEST GIRL EVER!" She started laughing and I got an idea. I dragged her to a big plaza and saw a protester with a megaphone. "Could I borrow this for a second?" I asked. "Sure why not." "Thank you." "Your welcome." I looked at Aubrey and she had this what-are-you-doing look. "Hey everyone!" They all looked at my direction and I could tell a lot of them were One Direction fans because they swarmed Aubrey and me. "This girl, Aubrey Tanner, is the love of my life and I needed to share it to everyone!" everyone cheered and clapped. Aubrey had tears in her eyes. "I love you Aubrey...more than you know." 

Aubrey's POV

"I love you Aubrey...more than you know." Tears spilled down my cheeks as I ran to hug him. Everyone that was at the plaza clapped some even cried. "I am the luckiest girl in the world. I love you Harry...more than YOU know!" I hugged him tight wishing this wouldn't end. "Just one month till our wedding Aubrey." Harry reminded me of something I need to do. "Yeah. Hey why don't you go home and get ready for our date. I have a few errands to run so go on your way." He looked at me like I was crazy. I kissed him and he smiled. "Okay just be careful. You know because of Treyson and all." "I will don't worry." With that he left with a bunch of screaming fans behind him. Some fans were with me when I had to go to the dress shop. "Aubrey can we see your dress?" A little girl came up to me. She had the cutest face, I couldn't say no to her. "Sure sweetheart! You can give me your opinion on the dress!" She grabbed my hand and I actually felt like a mother. "Hey Clarissa, I'm here for my wedding dress. Also Harry is taking me out tonight so I need another pretty dress." "Sure Aubrey. Who's this?" "Oh this is a fan of mine. She wants to see the dress as well." "Okay well since every time someone comes in we give wine out. I think we have Capri-Sun for the little cutie. Would you like a Capri-Sun?" "Yes please!" "Okay I will be right back with the dress, your wine, and her Capri-Sun." "Thanks Clarissa!" She waved a "your welcome" and vanished behind the curtains. "So how old are you and what is your name?" "My name is Darcy and I'm 4 years old." "Oh what a pretty name! Where is your mother?" She looked down with her green eyes. Just like Harry's. A tear rolled down her cheek, and she had sadness in her eyes. "My mother abandoned me in the park. I haven't seen her since 2 months. Every night I sleep in the tunnel at the park." I had some tears in my eyes now and I felt so bad for her. "You know what Darcy." "What?" "Do you want to come and stay with Harry and me? We will give you love, shelter, protection, and 4 new uncles, and 4 aunts!" Her eyes brightened up when I said this. "A real family? I would love that!" "Good!" We hugged and just as we parted Clarissa came back with my dress. "Wow Mommy your dress is so pretty!" When she said "Mommy" I felt like I was needed. "Thank you Darcy! Clarissa I would like to take it home today. Is this possible?" "Of course it is! Would you like to see other dresses for tonight?" "Yes I would." I searched for a dress and finally I found one. It was perfect for tonight! We bought the dresses and left. Darcy hasn't changed her clothes for 2 months and it was freezing. She did not have a coat so we went into Hollister to buy her new clothes. We came out with her new clothes and She kissed my cheek as a thank you. I smiled and she smiled in return. We got home and Harry was already ready. "Hello Aubrey. What took you so long?" He gave me a peck on the lips and smiled. I smiled as well and I remembered Darcy was still in the room. "I bought some new clothes for Darcy. Also I bought a new dress for tonight and my wedding dress." He looked behind me and saw Darcy. He smiled at her. They both look so much alike. Darcy had Harry's eyes, his smile, his dimples, even his curls. I liked it. "Hello Darcy. I'm Harry, Aubrey's fiance. Nice to meet you." "Hi Harry, nice to meet you, too!" She grabbed his neck and pulled him into a hug. He gladly hugged her back. "Harry can I talk to you in the kitchen?" "Sure babe." "Darcy let me show you to your room and we can unpack later okay?" "Yes, ma'am." Wow she was very intelligent for her age and very respectful. After I settled her in her room I walked into the kitchen. "So Harry. I asked Darcy if she wanted to move in with us. What do you think?" "I think it's a great idea! She's very unique. Where did you find her?" "I was walking to the dress shop when she came and asked if she could see my wedding dress. I said yes. I asked her about her parents and she told me that her mother abandoned her at the park. So I asked her if she wanted to be apart of our family. She agreed and now we are adoptive parents." Harry hugged me," I love you, the baby, and Darcy!" I could not help but smile. We called Darcy down to the kitchen. "So Darcy," Harry began," Welcome to our family!" Her dimply smile showed she was happy and we all hugged. We called the boys and the girls to our house. "So we called you all here to present you to someone." I started and Harry was in the kitchen waiting for his cue. "Wait, where's Harry?" "Oh right. Niall you will have to wait and see. Now Harry please bring her in." He comes walking in with Darcy all cleaned up and in her new dress and the shock on their faces was priceless! "Darcy meet your aunts and uncles. Louis, Zayn, Niall, Liam, Sophia, Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle. Everyone meet Darcy. Our new daughter." They all looked at each other and then at us and then at Darcy. Sophia was the first one to come up and introduce/ hug Darcy and welcome her to the family. They all did as Sophia did. We all went out to celebrate this and the night could not have been ruined by anything or so I thought.



How did you guys like this chapter? Sorry I haven't been writing! I had writer's block but anyways I'm back! Hope you guys liked this chapter! What do you think ruined their night? Stay tuned to find out! Love Debra!

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