Summer in London

Morgan is just like any other 19 year old traveling to London. Morgan's life changes when Liam Payne falls in it, literally. There are somethings that are not so normal about Morgan, Liam soon finds out. Keep reading to find out!!


5. The Chase

"They're...uhh...dead." I choked out.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" He apologized.

"It's okay. You didn't know. They died when I was 2 so I really didn't know them, but I still wish you were here."

"I bet."

"Yeah." I said softly.

"Let's get out of here I still promised to show you around."

"Okay," I slowly grab his hand and let him lead me out of Nando's and on to the streets of London where a whole bunch of paparazzi were waiting.


"Who is this?" 

"Are you guys dating?"

"What's your name?"

"Get ready to start running!" Liam told me.

Good thing I was wearing the right shoes for this. I ran right past him as he started to walk a little faster I turned around he just started to walk a little faster.

"Keep up slow poke!"

"Okay so its a race now?" he asked.

"It was always a race mister!" I joked. 

"Okay then." he said. 

He started to take off but I was the way ahead of him. I was only half assing my running though so I let him catch up

"I think I'm going to beat you!" he breathed.

"Oh really now."

"Yes I do!"

Now I  was eager to win. I took off, my feet barely touching the ground, I was flying. I turned around and Liam wasn't even close to me so I ducked into alley. When he got closer I pulled him into the alley. We started to run down it. We got close to the end and we slowed down. 

"I think they're gone." I said of breath.

"Yeah we lost them." he sat down. 

"You okay buddy?"

"I will be, but you are freaking fast!!"

"Thank you and I'm pretty sure I won that race. Next time don't race a cross country star athlete!"

"Next time I'll win!" he smiled.

"Haha doubt it! Let's get out of here, I have to find my car." 


We walked out of the alley hand in hand which made me blush. We walked all the way to Nandos without running into any problems with the paparazzi.

"So how did you like London?" 

"Beautiful of the alley we went into. It was so pretty, the darkness it just added to the beauty." I told him.

He laughed and I joined him. We finally made it to my car.

"I have one more place to show you."

"Where would that be?" I asked.

"You will just have to find out. Now get in your car and follow me!"

"Ughhhh...but I don't like surprises." I pouted.

"Too bad, get in the car and drive."

"Fine, but I'm not happy!" I complied and got into my car and followed Liam to who knows where.

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