Summer in London

Morgan is just like any other 19 year old traveling to London. Morgan's life changes when Liam Payne falls in it, literally. There are somethings that are not so normal about Morgan, Liam soon finds out. Keep reading to find out!!


6. The Boys

After a 30 minute drive, we stopped. I hopped out of my car and ran over to Liam.

"We're here!" he announced holding his arms wide.

"No shit Sherlock. Where is here?"

"You'll see."

He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the building. We walked into a lobby area. That's when I knew where we are going. We were going to his apartment. We made our way to the elevator. I pressed the up button and we stood there and waited for it to come down. We hopped in the elevator and I started jumping up and down.

"What are you doing?" he asked me.

"Jumping, because the elevator is moving upward and when I jump the floor of the elevator meets my feet before I should meet the ground." I explained.

He started to join me. The elevator started to shake wildly, but then it came to a stop at the 11th floor. We made our way towards the door 11C. He opened the door and noise flooded the hallway. Sitting on the couches were Niall, Louis, Harry, and Zayn. Louis ran over and hugged my legs.

"I love you!" he said.

"That's nice...but could you let go of me?" I asked trying to kick him off.

"Never!" he replied.

"Someone get him off me please!" I begged.

Liam started to make his way over to me.

"Touch me and she gets it!" he threatened.

"What are you gonna get me with?" I scoffed.

"My looks." he winked.

"Sorry it doesn't work like that."

"Harry why isn't she affected by this?" he whined while gesturing to himself.

"She's got it bad for Liam that's why." he smirked.

"Styles don't make me come over there and straighten your hair."

"Liam make the mean girl take it back!"

"I'm good." Liam replied.

I stuck  my tongue out at Harry. He started to fake cry. Louis ran over to his side.

"I'M FREE!" I yelled. My stomach started to growl. I knew we should have stayed to eat at Nando's.

"Do you guys have any food? I'm starving!"

"Yes, but I'm not sharing." Niall answered.

"Oh please Niall!. We can be eating buddies together!" I begged.

"Hmmm...I've never had an eating buddy.... let me think... YES!"

Niall and I ran into the kitchen and grabbed anything and everything. In my arms were chips, pop, popcorn, and Oreo's. Niall had chicken, cereal, and Goldfish. We sat on the couch and chowed down. After about 15 minutes, all the food was gone. 

"I have never seen a girl eat so much in so little time and be so skinny." Zayn said in wonder.

"Now you have." I said while spinning around.

"Woah!" Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam said in awe.

"I like her." Niall said.

"Thanks Niall, I like you too." I said while patting him on his head.

"But you like me more right?" Liam pouted.

"Liam, I don't choose favorites, but I guess so.

"You guess so?" he said. He ran over and started to tickle me. Crap he found my weakness.

"Uncle......uncle....ok......YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!!" I yelled.

"YAY!!" he squealed. He picked me up and spun me around. He kissed me on the cheek and set me down. My phone started to vibrate, but Louis took it before I could get it. 

"Who is this Megan?" he asked.

"Louis, you give me that phone right NOW!" I screamed.

"I think not. Tell me who she is or I will stick it down my pants!"

"Fine you butt, she's my bestfriend. Now my phone please!" I stuck out my hand.

"She didn't come with you?"

"Nope she's in Omaha still now PHONE!"


This whole conversation he hadn't taken his eyes off the screen of my phone.

"Does someone have a little crush?" I winked at him. He paused blushing a lot.

"Well... she's gorgeous...but...but..."

I interrupted him," YOOUU LIKE HERRR!"

He put the phone down for 1 minute and that's when I took it back.

"Hey give it back"

"Ummm.... this is my phone so I don't have to!"

Louis tried chasing me around, but I locked myself in the bathroom and texted Megan.

'So turns out that we are going to fly you out here so pack up and be ready.'

'REALLY?! and who is this we?'

'Yes and wouldn't you like to know.'

'Yes yes I would.'

'You will have to see.'

'Ugh.. fine see you soon.'

I put my phone back in my pocket and walked out of the bathroom into the arms of Lou.

I yelled,"You really have some clingy issues...LET GO OF ME!"

"Give me the phone then." he answered.

"No it's mine, Liam please help me." I whined.

"Batman to the rescue!"

Liam ran over and grabbed Lou and threw him on the couch. He then picked me up bridal style.

"You have been saved my lady." he announced as he sat down on the couch with me still on his lap. I was giggling.

"My hero, you deserve some token of my gratitude." I gave him a little kiss on the lips.

"I might have to save you more often."

I laughed with him. His laugh was so adorkable.

"You guys wanna watch a movie?'

There was a unanimous yes.

"Ok now what movie to watch?"

"How about The Hangover?" I offered.

Another unanimous yes filled the air. Harry put the movie and I decided to text my aunt.

'Stay the night over a friend's house.'

A few minutes later she replied.

'Ok have fun!'

I set down my phone down right as the movie began. I scooted off Liam's lap and sat down right next to him. I leaned my head against his arm and he put his arm around me. The movie was halfway over and I guess I must have fallen asleep, because I don't remember the ending. Liam must have too, because he stopped laughing.


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