Summer in London

Morgan is just like any other 19 year old traveling to London. Morgan's life changes when Liam Payne falls in it, literally. There are somethings that are not so normal about Morgan, Liam soon finds out. Keep reading to find out!!


10. Jacob: Stalker, Ex-Boyfriend

SHIT he found me.

"MEGAN!" I screamed with tears in my eyes.


"Read this." I handed her the note shakily. I wiped the tears away.


"No shit Sherlock. What am I gonna do? I can't tell Liam can I?"

"No you can't."

"Ok." I took the note and buried it in the trash.

"Good, now pull it together and get out there."

"Yes sir!" I saluted and walked out to the pool. No one was in the pool anymore.

"Liam? Zayn? Harry? Louis? Niall?" Megan and I yelled. There was no response. It was quiet, too quiet. Liam came around the corner of the house and came behind me and grabbed me by the waist and put his head on my shoulders. 

"Where are the boys?" I asked.

"I don't know, I was just looking for them."  I looked back into the house and there they were. Standing around the flowers.

"Found them." I said pointing inside the house.

"HOW DID THEY GET PAST US?!" Megan asked.

"The side door..." I pointed out.


We walked back into the house.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked nervously, hopefully not showing it.

"Nothing, but who are the flowers for?" Harry winked.

"My uncle to my aunt." I answered too fast.

"LIES!" Lou protested.

My face started to blush, "Louis I am NOT lying!" 

He looked at me suspiciously and to Megan who was looking quite serious, then back to me, then back to her. He shrugged his shoulders and headed to the couch.


"What this couch?" he smiled and pointed to the couch.

"Lou it's the only couch in that room." He was about to sit down, but I ran over and tackled him.

"Stay!" I said as I got off him. I ran upstairs and grabbed shirts and shorts from Nick and ran back down the stairs. I tossed the clothes to each standing guy.

"Ok there is a bathroom next to the kitchen and front door. Two bathrooms upstairs and two bathrooms downstairs, go change." I told them.

They all went off in different directions.

"They are like babysitting children." I said to Megan.

"Attractive children." Megan retorted.

"Yes yes they are." I laughed and she joined me.

The fully clothed boys came back from the bathrooms. Megan and I went up to our rooms and got changed. We came back down and the boys were sitting on the couch.

"HEY!!" Niall shouted.

"HEY!" I yelled back.




Crap that would mean we are going out and Jacob is going to be following me. Shit improvise.

"YAY!" Megan squealed.

I looked at her with a glare, but she didn't get it. This is what I get for having a blonde bestfriend. Looks like I have no choice now. Great.

"When is the reservation?" I asked.

"Eight!" Liam answered. 

It was already three.

"Time for you guys to go home and get ready so Megan and I can get ready."

"But, but, but, but." Liam complained.

"No buts, take my car and go, but if I see a scratch on it when you come pick us up I will hurt you."

I tossed the keys at him and pushed them out the door. 

"Kbye now!" I said while I kissed him on the cheek.

I shut the door and ran up the stairs to the shower to wash the chlorine out of my hair. After I showered I blow dried my hair and started to curl it. After I curled my hair I laid out my three favorite dresses. One was a full length blue dress, one shouldered, with jeweling across the shoulder. Next was a coral color, full length, strapless, and like a knot was on the top and the last one was a grey, short, strapless dress with a sparkly top.


She ran in.


"Which dress should I wear?" I complained.

"Wear the one shoulder." She answered.

"Ok, you can wear any dress that is in my closet."

"YAY I'll wear coral one. By the way can you do my hair like you did for homecoming?"

"Yes I will."

Megan sat down and I started braiding. When I was finished her hair was braided into the flower braid. I curled the parts that fell down.


"Thank you!"

"Oh thanks for making us go to the restaurant, now Jacob is going to find me."

"Oh shit I forgot, I'm sooo sorry."

"It's ok, I just hope I won't see him because I don't wanna rip this dress, because I will kick his ass."

"I will help!"

I finished doing my hair and it was seven thirty. I did my makeup and Megan's. I put on my silver four inch heels. Megan put on my black strappy four inch heels. The boys arrived at seven forty-five.

"You girls look beautiful." Liam said.

He was wearing a simple black tux and so were the rest of them. I saw my car and started to look it over.


He walked over slowly.

"What is this?"

"Nothing." He replied.

"That's right. You have passed the test of taking care of my car."

"Great let's go." 

We piled into the car and went to Hix. We had to park far away do to all the people there. We got out and started walking. We were almost able to see the sign when I felt someone behind us. I turned around and there he was. Megan saw me turn around, so she did the same. She looked at me with a sorry look. We finally got to the restaurant.

"I have to use the restroom, I'll be back." I told them.

I headed towards the bathroom but once I got there I turned around and went outside to face him.

"Where are you Jacob?"

"Here." he said coming out of the shadows.

"What do you want?"

"You." He replied.

"That's too bad I don't want you so you need to leave me alone or I will call the police."

"You think they can stop me."

"Yes they can and they will." I retorted. "Now LEAVE ME ALONE because I'm leaving."

"No you aren't!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me close.

"LET ME GO JACOB!" I screamed and started to punch him with my one arm. He kissed me but I pushed away and then punched him in the jaw. He let go of my arm and I ran into someone with tears falling.

"Sorry." I cried and looked up. It was Liam.

Liam stormed up to Jacob and punched him in the jaw and said, "You touch her again and I will hurt you worse."

He came back to me and lead me into Hix and found the table.

"Morgan and I are going to go back home, she isn't feeling good. See you guys later."

We walked out and went to the car. We got in and drove home in silence, other than me crying. When we finally got to my house I ran upstairs took off the dress and heels and got into a shirt and comfy shorts. I went back down the stairs and Liam was still there. All I could do was hug him and cry. He wrapped his arms around me.

"Please stop crying, I don't like seeing you cry."

"I'm sorry. I just wanted him to leave me alone."

A/N: Sorry guys I haven't been writing so often. School is really busy right now, I have a whole bunch of projects and crap. Since I haven't been writing so often I decided to make this chapter really long for you guys. I hope you enjoy it. Favorite and Like it up.

~Love Morgan


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