Summer in London

Morgan is just like any other 19 year old traveling to London. Morgan's life changes when Liam Payne falls in it, literally. There are somethings that are not so normal about Morgan, Liam soon finds out. Keep reading to find out!!


4. Flashback

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AGE 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Breaking news is happening on Interstate 80, 5 car pileup police reports confirm that 3 people are dead."

"Breaking news a little 2 year old has been pulled out of the wreckage."

"We will adopt Morgan!" my aunt and uncle stated.

"You guys of all the way in London plus we are her grandparents. We should have custody!"

"Custody is awarded to Jesse and Talena Cardenas, case dismissed!" 

"Honey you will be okay. We will see you soon." they said giving me a kiss goodbye.

"This is your new home, we hope you will be comfortable here." 

"Sweetie you don't need to cry, everything will be okay, you're safe"

"It is perfectly normal for her, from what she has gone through to stop talking and not being a normal 2 year old, I mean she's watched parents and sister die, but if things get worse. Here's my number.  

I was dragged to therapist after therapist.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AGE 3~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Happy Birthday Morgan! Make a wish!"

"I want my mommy and daddy and sister!!" 

"Morgan, sweetheart, they can't come back no matter how hard you wish, but they always be in your heart and the good times that you had with them."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MIDDLE SCHOOL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Morgan Stessman, please come to the counselor's office immediately."

"OOOOooooooo" My classmates mocked.

I slowly made my way towards the counselor's.

"Morgan so I see that you've been having troubles with your class. Why is that?" 

"It's because I barely have any friends and everyone bullies me because I have no parents, but what does that matter. You won't do anything about it. I can't wait till I get out of this hellhole a place and then move to London with my aunt and uncle when I'm 20. I think we're done here.

"Morgan! Come back here I can help!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HIGH SCHOOL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"So now this time in the retreat we are going to have some personal talks. Who wants to go first?" My retreat leader started.

"I will, okay so parents and sister died and I was too, but I guess I really didn't know them. There's times where you really want to tell them something and you want to be proud of you. You want them to teach you how to ride a bike or cheer on the sidelines when you score your first goal. To be there when I walk across that stage when I receive my diploma and going to college. To inspect of your boyfriends, hold you when you have a first heart break.  To learn things from my sister, for her to beat up all the boys that hurt you and be there for you. I want I want my dad to give me way with tears in his eyes and to have a father daughter dance at the reception. Now I'll never have the normal life it hurts everyday and I was bullied for not having parents."

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