Summer in London

Morgan is just like any other 19 year old traveling to London. Morgan's life changes when Liam Payne falls in it, literally. There are somethings that are not so normal about Morgan, Liam soon finds out. Keep reading to find out!!


1. Airplane

'Last tweet before I make the 10 hour trip to London #SummerInLondon'. I put my Iphone back into my pocket and boarded the plane. I made my way up to first class. I'm going to spend the entire summer with my aunt and her family. She pays for me to visit each year during the summer. I found my seat and sat down right next to the window. A few minutes later the person sitting next to me came. Someone pushed him, because next thing I know I was getting sat on by him.


"Sorry love." he said in a British accent.

It's alright, but could you get off?" I said giving a little hint of attitude. He got up and sat down in the seat next to me.

"Sorry about all that, my friend here tripped me." he said while pointing to a blonde boy laughing hysterically.

"My name is Liam by the way."

"I'm Morgan."

"That's really pretty, but it sounds a little Irish. Are you Irish?" He asked.

"There is not one single ounce of Irish in me. I was born on St. Patrick's Day so they were going for something Irish sounding. They decided with Morgan Erin Stessman."

"So then what are you?"

"I am mostly Mexican."

"We are about to take flight so please fasten your seatbelts."

I put my headphones on and turned on my music so my ears would not hurt as much when we took off.

"Talk to you in about 20 minutes." I told him.

I woke up and found my head on Liam's shoulder.

"How long have I been asleep?" I asked him while rubbing my eyes.

"About 2 hours." he answered.

So maybe it wasn't 20 minutes.

"So where are you headed?" I started.

"We are going to London." he replied.


"Me, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Louis." 

"Ohh so you must be the guys from One Direction."

"Yes but you already knew that."

"How did you know that?"

"When you were listening to music some of the songs were One Direction. Then you got a text from someone and the background was me." He told me. "So are you a directioner?"

"Yes very much so, you are my favorite one of the band, but I still love the other guys too."

"I see so where are you headed?" he asked.

"London, I am staying there for 4 months. How long are you staying?" I wondered.

"I am staying for 6 months, maybe I will get to show you around."

I started to blush. "Yeah I think I would like that." Over the next 8 hours we got to know each other better and the boy got to know me.

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