Wedding Bells

This is a sequal! The first one is called "The Only One"
Niall and Kristen are getting married but, they have a few bumps in the road to figure out. Will they get married? Will the fans hate her now? read to find out! xx
This one will have dirty parts. I had a bunch of people email me asking for it.


4. Zayn Malik

   ***Heey guys!! I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a few days! I'm having some major writer block! I'm sorry if this chapter isn't the best but, it is mostly just a filling in chapter! Happy new years!!! xx***



  When the plane finally landed we got our stuff and walked off. The airport was packed! I was nervous that I was going to get lost. I don't like to go to big places with a lot of people. But, I guess I will have to get use to it since I'll be traveling with the boys.

     All the sudden I felt someone grab my hand and it was Zayn. Something about Zayn made me get butterflies in my stomach. He is the 'bad boy' figure in the band and I honestly thought it was pretty hot. He had on some jeans that were ripped up with a white t-shirt under his black leather jacket. He hasn't shaved today so his face looks scruffy, and his eyes were very dark. But, when I looked at him when he grabbed my hand something in him lit up.

     I snapped out of my day dream by some fan pulling on my other arm.  "Please let go. I have to go before the car leaves me." They still didn't let go. Zayn started to walk on but was jerked back since I was stuck. He walked over to us and saw that I was trying to get out of their grip, but couldn't. "Let go of her. Now!" He didn't look mean but, something in his voice made them back off.

     "You alright?" He asked. "Yeah. I'm fine. Thanks" I said. He looked at me and had a little flirty smile on his lips and winked at me. Why did he wink at me? He is a very nice lad but, I was with Niall. He knew that. But, something made me blush. He held my hand and we walked outside to find that the other boys already left. I thought to myself  'Wow.. What a great boyfriend.' It kind of made me mad. But, at least I had Zayn. He looked down at me and shrugged his shoulders. Both of our phones were dead and the chargers were in our suitcases and Paul had already gotten them. We didn't even know what hotel we stayed at.

     "I guess we should get a taxi and find a hotel to stay at. then, tomorrow we can find the others." Zayn said and called over a taxi. When we got in Zayn told him to take us to the nearest hotel. When we got out we paid the guy and went in.

     "Hello, may I- Oh my gosh! You are Zayn Malik! From One Direction!" She started to freak out. "Yes, Look I just need a room please." he asked. "Okay! I can give you a free one!" "That would be great!"

     We finally got our keys and went to our room. No wonder it was free. It had one twin size bed. A broken telly. A sink that barley worked. And no couch. Where were we going to sleep? "Well, this is a shit hole." I said looking at Zayn. "Yeah, no shit." he replied. I could tell he was pissed off. I laid my purse on the night stand and laid in bed. At least it was comfortable. Zayn went to the bathroom and came back in and laid next me in bed.

     All the sudden I could feel him looking at me. I felt uncomfortable so I stood up. "We should go to a little store and get some food." I said. He got up and grabbed his wallet and the key and we left. About 45 minutes later we came into the room with a few bags of stuff. Mostly alcohol. We grabbed some cups and poured some drinks. I didn't drink a lot but, I needed to get my mind off things and right now this is the only way. 

A hour later-

      Zayn and I kept drinking. Everything was so funny to us. We were playing some music and dancing together. All the sudden my favorite song came on. Ed Sheeran started to sing The A Team. Zayn grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in closer to him. We started to slow dance together. Our faces we in kissing distances. All the sudden we both tripped and landed on the bed. I was on top of him looking deep into his eyes. I could feel his breath on my lips. He leaned in a pushed his soft, gentle lips into mine. I could feel a spark between us. We kept kissing for a while. Both of our hands started to wander around each others bodies. I felt his rough hands go up my shirt while kissing my neck. He smelled of vodka and smoke. We had both been smoking earlier. I knew I was under age but, I didn't care.

                                                                    Zayn's P.O.V.

     I knew this was wrong. But, if it was wrong why did it feel so right? I wasn't that drunk. I just had a buzz. But, Kristen was wasted. I was hoping she would forget about what was going to happen tonight. She look so beautiful. Then, when she was smoking. Holding the cig between her lips taking in a drag and blowing it all out. She knew I wanted her.

     We were laying on bed now. I was kissing her neck and trying to get her shirt off while she had her hands tangled in my hair and moaning softly. She looked at me with her big, beautiful eyes and led my head up to her lips. "Zayn, what are we doing?" she asked. I thought to myself 'I need to stop. She is Niall's'. "I don't know" Is all I could say. "I know this is wrong. But, why does it feel so right?" She replied. I just kissed her for a long time. "Maybe, you want something different than Niall." "I don't know. But, I know I want you right now." and she kissed me.

     She started to take her clothes off until she was there in her bra and panties. God, why did she have to have such an amazing body? She came up to me and took my jacket off me and threw it on to the floor. She soon took off all my clothes besides my boxers. "Kristen, you are drunk and you are going to regret this tomorrow." She suddenly stopped and ran to the bathroom. I ran after her to find her bending over the toilet throwing up all the alcohol and everything she has eaten today. I sat there and rubbed her back. She stood up and brushed her teeth. She walked over to me and hugged me. All I could do is hold her. I soon picked her up and laid in bed with her. We still didn't have our clothes on but, neither of us cared. She soon fell fast asleep. I laid her next to me and got up to clean up the room. All the sudden Kristen started to move around and she started to yell out "No, stop! Dad Stop it!" I ran over to her and grabbed her and just held her. I knew she was awake. She was crying and shaking. "Kristen, it's alright! I'm here. Zayn has you. No one can get you!" I said trying to get her to calm down.  She lifted up her head and looked at me. Her eyes were red from the crying with water stains going down her cheeks. She lifted herself up and gave me a kiss on my lips. She wasn't drunk anymore. But, she went ahead and did that. Maybe, she didn't want to marry Niall. She doesn't know what she is doing she is just 17. She is still a scared little girl not knowing what to do to me. I turned off the light and got under the covers with her and we fell asleep while was holding her.

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