Wedding Bells

This is a sequal! The first one is called "The Only One"
Niall and Kristen are getting married but, they have a few bumps in the road to figure out. Will they get married? Will the fans hate her now? read to find out! xx
This one will have dirty parts. I had a bunch of people email me asking for it.


6. Shopping

     When I finished getting all the sand off my slightly red body. I walked over to Zayn. We walked behind all the boys to the hotel. We had to stop a few times because, of fans. None of us cared but, I wanted to go to my room and sleep.

     When we finally got to the hotel we took an elevator up to the top floor. Luckily, Liam said he would switch rooms with Zayn so I don't have to share a room with Niall. Now, I'm rooming with Zayn and Harry. Liam is rooming with Louis and Niall. I could tell Niall wasn't to happy about who was rooming with who. But, honestly I didn't care.

     I got my suitcase from Paul's room and went into mine. As soon as I opened the door I saw Zayn. He was changing out of his swimming trunks. He had a towel wrapped around his waist. But, I couldn't help to stare. He was beautiful. His tan body, with tattoos. I kept thinking about the past night. What did we did go further? What would Niall do? What would the rest of the band members do? I don't want to ruin One Direction.

     I was soon snapped out of my daydream about Zayn when he came over and pulled me in for a kiss. Harry was over in Niall's room with Louis. Those guys are like best friends. The fans made up 'Larry Sylinson'. At first, the boys loved it. but then, the fans made it much more than just being best friends. It does get rather old now. It sometimes upsets the boys, too.

     Me and Zayn walked over to Niall's room and talked about what we were going to do tonight. We all wanted to go but, didn't know where to. we soon found a really great club called 'Karma.' I've heard that it was amazing. Good music, good drinks, good everything. I was really excited about going!

     I went back into our room and decided to take a shower. The warm water felt so good on my skin. I finally got done and put on some sweat pants and a sweat shirt. I knew I would fall asleep so why not be comfortable. I got into bed and flipped through the channels until I heard Zayn and my name's being talked about. All the sudden I saw pictures of us on the beach. I saw a picture of my surfing. I looked pretty good. But then, the lady on the telly said, "Is Kristen cheating on Niall? Will this break One Direction up?" Then, the screen went blank. Zayn had turned the telly off. A tear escaped from my eye. Zayn walked over to me and wiped it away.

     "Kristen, it's okay. We will get through this." and gave me a kiss on my fore head. I soon fell asleep in his arms. I was having a dream that I did break up one Direction. I felt awful. I have to make sure I don't end up doing that.

     I soon woke up from Harry laughing at Louis in the hallway. I got up and looked out the door and saw Louis running butt-naked down the hallways screaming. They must have been playing dare. They always do the craziest things. There was a few people looking over at Louis and laughing. I went back inside and decided to get ready for tonight.

     When I went to my suitcase I remembered I didn't have a party/club dress. "Zayn, do you want to go out shopping for a little?" "Umm.. sure! I'm going to ask Louis and Harry if they want to go!" He came back in with both of them. They were all up to something. They all had a little smirk on their faces. This was going to be an interesting shopping trip.

     When we got to the mall we noticed it was really crowded so all the boys put on sunglasses and a hat or their hoodie. I just needed to buy a little cute dress and leave. I didn't mine the few fans that came up to us. It was mainly little girls.

    "So, what are you looking for?" Louis asked me in a girly voice. "I need a dress for tonight. Something Zayn might like.." I said. He looked at me weirdly. Oh shit! I forgot! Niall... "Ummm... Lou. Can I tell you something? But, You can't tell anyone!" "Kristen, you know I can keep secrets! Now tell me!" As we walked into a store Lou and I went over to the dresses while Harry and Zayn went to go try on sunglasses.

     "Okay, well the night Niall left me. Zayn and I got some drinks and got drunk. All I know is that we made out. But, I need to tell Niall that we can't get married. We are way to young. I love Niall. But we can't get married." I started to cry a little bit.

     "Kristen, it's okay! I know Niall feels the same way. You just need to talk to him about it! Everything will be okay! I promise!" He said while holding up this beautiful black dress. "Lou! That's the dress!" I grabbed it from him and ran into the dressing rooms. I put it on and it fit perfectly! It was a very fitting dress. I came down to the middle of my thighs. It has one sleeve that is see through and at the wrist it has beautiful beading. I looked at the price and it was $250! I decided to go ahead and walk out to show to boys.

                                                                     Zayn's P.O.V.

     While me and Harry were trying on sunglasses Kristen and Louis looked at dresses. All the sudden I heard a lady say, "That is a beautiful dress and it looks even more beautiful on you!" I turned to look who it was and here she was.. Kristen. She looked so beautiful in that little black dress. I couldn't help but to stare at her. She looked at me and smiled. I wanted her to be mine.

     "So.. What do you think?" I was snapped out of my staring when Kristen came up to me. "It's beautiful.. You're beautiful." She blushed a little and did a little spin. "To bad I can't buy it." She went back into the dressing rooms and changed. When she walked out she put it back on a rack. I went over to see how much it was. $250. I didn't have that much money. I only had $100 but, if I asked Louis and Harry to help we could buy her that dress.

     "Harry, Lou. Come here real quick. Look Kristen really wants that dress but, it's $250. I have $100 but, I still need $150. Do you guys have any money? I promise I will pay you back! I just want to get it for her!" "I have $75. Lou, do you have $75?" Harry was excited to get the dress. "Yes, sir I do!" They both gave me the money and I grabbed the dress and went to the register.

     "Thank you so much!" I grabbed my bag and left. I ran outside and put it in the back of my car. I want to surprise her! I went back in to find them at the food court. "Hey, sorry had to go to the bathroom!" I lied. "I still don't have a dress." Kristen was upset. "Let's just go back to the hotel. We will find something." I told her.

     She looked upset. But, I knew when we got to the hotel she would be very happy! I couldn't wait for tonight!


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