Wedding Bells

This is a sequal! The first one is called "The Only One"
Niall and Kristen are getting married but, they have a few bumps in the road to figure out. Will they get married? Will the fans hate her now? read to find out! xx
This one will have dirty parts. I had a bunch of people email me asking for it.


7. Getting Ready

**Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't wrote in like 100 years! Haha I didn't have a laptop but I got one now! I hope everyone is having a great summer or in different countries, winter! Well I hope you guys like this! Love you all! xx**



Once we got back to the hotel Zayn, Harry, Louis, and I went to our rooms. Zayn had something in his hand but I just thought he bought some sunglasses or something.

"Kristen, come here for a second." I walked into the bathroom and saw Zayn in a little black dress. I couldn't help but to laugh. "You think this will look good on me tonight?!" He stared to laugh too. "Zayn, what? How did you? Why did you buy that dress?" "I saw how beautiful you looked in it. I bought this for you. I know you wanted it. Harry and Louis helped me pay for me." He gave me a kiss on the cheek and started taking the dress off. "Thank you Zayn! So much!!" I grabbed the dress from him and put it on. It fit perfectly just like it did at the mall.

I kicked Zayn out of the bathroom so I could do my hair and make up. I put my phone on my dock and played some music. Of course one of my new favorites came on. Hunter Hayes 'I Want Crazy' I heard it playing when me and Zayn where down at the beach. I soon began to sing along, but I felt like someone was watching me. I turned around and there was Harry video taping me on 'TwitCam'. "Harry!!! Stop it!" I yelled at him and he ran. Oh great. over a million people were watching me sing. I brushed it off and kept fixing my hair.

About 30 minutes later I was done. I walked out and saw all the boys in my room. They all were staring at me. I didn't know what to do so I look down and I could feel my face get red. "You ready to go?" Paul looked at us. We all nodded our head and walked out of the room. "You look beyond beautiful Kristen." Zayn whispered to me and smiled. I was going to forget all the drama tonight and have fun. Hopefully I could meet some people to hang out with. tonight it going to be my night.


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