Wedding Bells

This is a sequal! The first one is called "The Only One"
Niall and Kristen are getting married but, they have a few bumps in the road to figure out. Will they get married? Will the fans hate her now? read to find out! xx
This one will have dirty parts. I had a bunch of people email me asking for it.


5. Beach day

     I woke up with a pounding headache from all the drinking last night. I lifted up and stretched and looked over to see Zayn in his boxers. All the boys slept in their boxers so I didn't care. But then, I looked down to see I was only in my bra and panties and I started to freak out.

     "Good morning beautiful!" Zayn said and gave me and kiss on the cheek. "Zayn, what happened last night?" I said getting worried. "Don't worry! We just kissed a little. I didn't see anything more of you than what I'm seeing now." He said "Zayn, we can't let anyone figure out about this.. Niall would get mad and both of us." I said with a tear escaping my eye. He quickly brushed it off. "Kristen, don't worry about it. I have my lips sealed."

     We both got dressed and cleaned up the room. We started to walk around outside and found the board walk. We walked down stopping every few minutes to take a picture or sign something for the fans. Even though I wasn't in the band people still asked for my picture and to sign something. I was always happy to. I mostly took pictures with Niall but, today I took them with Zayn.

     We finally found a payphone and called Paul. We told him where we were and he said he would have the boys come get us. About a hour later the boys came up to me and Zayn on the beach. Zayn and I got bored to we decided to walk down to a little shop and buy a new bikini and swimming trunks so we could go in the water. We changed and headed down to the water. All the sudden I felt Zayn picking me up by my waist and pulling me into the water. The water was kind of cold but, it felt good since it was so hot in New Jersey.

     I heard girls screaming 'One Direction' so I knew that the boys were here. Zayn and I just stayed in the water dodging the waves by going under and coming back up. We actually had a lot of fun. Then, one guy was surfing and Zayn asked if he could teach us how to surf. Zayn went first while I just watched him. He finally got it! But, he didn't go very far out since he didn't know how to swim. It was my turn now. I went out further than Zayn went. The guy, Rob told me to start paddling. I turned around and started going as fast as I could. "Stand up now" Rob yelled out! So I closed my eyes and stood up. I was scared at first but then, I got the hang of it. I saw Zayn smiling and giving me the thumbs up. I went about 5 more times.

     All the boys were down at the beach watching me now. A crowd grew at the edge of the shore watching me surf. I liked this. I was defiantly going to buy a surf board! When I was getting close to the end I did a back flip off the board. I came up and everyone was clapping their hands for me. I found rob and gave him his board back. "Thanks for teaching me! I had a lot of fun!" "No problem! Hey, you should come by my shop tomorrow and get a board! I'll let you have one for free!" he replied. "Okay, I will for sure!" he told me where his shop was and we said our goodbyes. I started to walk over toward the boys then, Niall came up to me.

     "You scared me so much babe! I couldn't find you yesterday" Niall said while running up to me. I walked right past him and got a towel to dry myself off. He was pissing me off. He just left his girlfriend at the airport with one of his lads. I didn't want to talk to him or I would just scream my head off.

     "Zayn, I can't talk to him right now." He nodded his head and walked over to Niall to tell him I need to cool off before we talk. "Kristen, you were amazing at surfing!" Liam came up to me and hugged me. "Thanks" I walked up to the board walk and rinsed off all the sand from my body.

                                                                  Naill's P.O.V.

      I wanted to make everything right with her. But, she didn't want to talk. I really messed up. I should have stayed by her side. I do love her. But, we are to young to get married. I really need to talk to her about that. Maybe, we should just be friends? I really do love her but, with traveling and everything it is going to be really hard. She deserves a better guy. Someone that can give her his full attention. A few tears escaped from my eyes as we were walking back to the hotel. I'm torn...

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