Can love last forever

Hi my name is anna but this story is about a girl named haven and no other but Harry styles from one direction and can they last forever.....


3. why me?

Zayn's P.O.V

The way he looked i knew he fancyed her and he wasnt going to let her slip away like that.I helped harry up and we walked back to my place he had a hand print on his cheek i chuckled to myself cause he got owned by a girl "i know what your thinking"harry looked at me with anger in his eyes(playful anger)what am i thinking thien huh?""that i got owned then slapped by a girl""HOW DID YOU KNOW HAVE YOU GOT A POWER THAT YOU HAVENT TOLD ME ABOUT"we both chuckled and walked onto my house.

Haven's P.O.V

I slapped him and ran it felt so good i wonder what zayn thought of me. I was walking across the rozad when i heard a screech a car was comeing straight for me i started running towards a shop. i felt a sharp pain in my chest and everything went black ......

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