Can love last forever

Hi my name is anna but this story is about a girl named haven and no other but Harry styles from one direction and can they last forever.....


2. what is it about you?

"We have only met once but my name is havaen nice to meet y'all"i said turning around i was kinda angry at harry cause i was finnally getting my way that day and he had to pull me out of that fight.I heard footsteps behind me so i stopped and harry ran into me i laughed and turned around "I don't want to speak to you"I said as i started walking agian. He grabbed my wrist and whispered "why are you angry at me?"in my ear and it sent shivers down my spine. i looked at him with anger in my eyes and my fist clenched just thinking about it, i dont no why it made me so angry but i just wanted one chance to prove to myself and others that im not a whimp.

Harry P.O.V

She was so angry at me. Her muddy green eyes sparkled under the lamp post on the busy street i am acutally suprised no sreaming fan has come and takled me or something but i did my disguise really good today but haven stilll knew who I was."Look, i know youir angry at me for pulling you out of the fight i just didnt want you to get hurt"that got her even more angry but i meant it in a sweat way."SO YOUR SAYING IM A WHIMP , I CANT STAND UP FOR MYSELF. WELL GUESS WHAT IM NOT I DONT NEED YOU TO PROTECT ME"a cold hand hit my hard across the face and i imeditly put my hand to my cheek and looked at her. She had tears in her eyes and was backing up. I looked at zayn  he looked shocked and he whispered in my ear "you have a fiesty on there" when i looked back upo she was gone how could i let her slip away like that i have to find her.

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