Can love last forever

Hi my name is anna but this story is about a girl named haven and no other but Harry styles from one direction and can they last forever.....


1. love at first sight

Haven's P.O.V

I'm wondering the streets of bradford wondering what  can I do with my life here. Me and my family has just moved to england from Australia.I have been complemented on my accent a couple of times but  i didnt think i had one till i relized that we are in england and im the diffrent one not like i wasnt 'driffrent' in australia.Back at home i was teased alot but i always had my bestfriend eliza by my side defending me. we moved to england cause i was getting bullied so much. On the last day of school i was getting teased and this time i didnt let eliza stand up for me i wanted to stand up for myself on the last day of australia and leave a legacy.i stopped and sat on a bench to think about what happened that day.


Bullie: "Haven your so ugly why dont you kill yourself"

Me: "Cause im not a pethetic loser like you"

Bullie: "Aww someone is fisety today"

Me: "Yeah i am cause im sick of your crap" I get real close to derek's face.Someone pulls me back but it's not eliza it's some year twelver.

Year Twelver: "hi my name is harry, harry styles". I pulled out of his grip and ran.

*End of flashback*

I was getting shackin so I opened my eyes to see Harry the one who got me out of derek's face. He looked straight into my eyes as I looked straight into to his then someone coughed.Some guy stood tall and proud then put his hand out and said " Hi my name is zayn and seen as you and harry have already met what is your name, love" I took his hand and he helped me up from the bench " name is haven and me and harry havent exactly met properly"

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