Love forever

A girl name Lexi had an abusive dad but her dad was rich when she got a one direction ticket and a meet and greet pass will Liam fall for her will they fall for eachother read to find out


10. Tour starts can't come and accident

Liam's pov:
Well today is the day I go on tour Lexi started to cry I wiped them away and kissed her passionately for atleast 5 minutes a tear came down my face she kissed it we. We're at the airport we kissed one more time and off I was

Lexi's pov:
I cried into Liam's arm he quickly wiped them away we kissed passionately for 5 minutes then we pulled away then a tear came down his cheek I tippy toed and kissed it falling down then we kissed one more time then off he was I drove then I see a bright light coming towards my car then I hear a crash then I feel like I'm in heaven then everything back

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