Love forever

A girl name Lexi had an abusive dad but her dad was rich when she got a one direction ticket and a meet and greet pass will Liam fall for her will they fall for eachother read to find out


9. My dads last day :(

Well today was the day my dad was going to leave he only had 6 hours til he leaves so me and Liam dressed up and got in his car we went to Starbucks and waited for our coffees I wrapped my arms around Liam's waist while we waited he did the same then our names were called we got them and drank them in the car we made out and off we went to my dads when we got there my dad was in the living room then the news reporter said "ONE DIRECTIONS LIAM PAYNE AND HIS GIRLFRIEND FOUND MAKING OUT IN THE PARKING LOT OF STARBUCKS" hey dad I said he turned off the tv and we went to the car and drove to six flags we got in and went on a whole bunch of rides then I felt woozy so I ran to the bathroom and threw up I felt someone grab my hair I stopped throwing up and looked it was Liam I brushed my teeth and we left my dad gathered his stuff and put it in the car we drove to the air port and said our good byes then he was off with his girlfriend me and Liam drove home and went home today was alright I said yea Liam said I pulled his face and kissed him he chuckled during the kiss later we slowly drifted to sleep because we got bored
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