Love forever

A girl name Lexi had an abusive dad but her dad was rich when she got a one direction ticket and a meet and greet pass will Liam fall for her will they fall for eachother read to find out


4. Lazy day (short chapter)

Well when I woke up Liam was still sleeping so I kissed his nose and he smiled I wrapped my hands around his neck while he snaked his hands around my waist he opened his eyes I saw his beautiful brown eyes I smiled he leaned in and was about to kiss me when Niall went busting through the door he saw us and said oh sorry did I ruin anything he said no you didn't Liam said oh good he said I smiled and said hey :) hey Niall said love struck like if he loved me I smiled again and looked at Liam Niall then left . Where were we he said he leaned in and kissed me we made out we pulled away so we can catch our breath then we went back then pulled away I love you Liam said I love you too I said then smiled he kissed me then he said let's call this a lazy day okay I said wait I have to go to my house to get more clothes I added okay let's go we passed to Starbucks then went to my house I grabbed a bag and stuffed a bikin high heels a party dress and some other clothes then we went in Liam's Ferrari and drove back to his house we went in his room and I crawled under the covers what movie do you wanna watch Liam said TOY STORY I said childish he chuckled and put in on we watch all toy story movies then we ate dinner niall was there eating fast I snickered then he looked at me and said what are you laughing at ? Oh nothing Niall I said tell me he said no I'm okay I said he got up and I stood up he came closer and closer then I ran he chased me if you don't tell me I'm going to tickle you he said okay I was laughing because you looked funny and cute when you ate I said laughing hard and fell on the floor I stood up and finished the rest of my dinner and me and Liam went back to his room and watched movies then watched movies then I drifted off to sleep :) our lazy day was amazing I heard Liam whisper I know I said and kissed him we both fell asleep
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