Love forever

A girl name Lexi had an abusive dad but her dad was rich when she got a one direction ticket and a meet and greet pass will Liam fall for her will they fall for eachother read to find out


2. Concert and going on a date with Liam

Well three days passed and it was the day of the concert I got my outfit and layed it on my bed the I stripped down my clothes I got in the shower I put shampoo on my hair and rinsed it off I did my body I got out and wrapped a towel around me I went to the mirror and blow dried my hair I got my curling wand out and let it heat up for a while when it was heating up I applied hot pink lipstick purple eye shadow mascara and eye liner when I was done with makeup I started to curl my hair 15 minutes later I was done so I went to my bed and put on my my purple poofy dress then I put on my heels I got in my Carr and drove to the arena I was the first one there when I got there the ticket booth barely opened I gave the ticket to her and then entered yes it was front row when I was going to the front row I saw the boys rehearse the songs they didn't notice until my phone rang it was an iPhone hello I said hey honey my dad said what's up dad I said nothing was the concert good he said it hasn't started I said oh I'll leave you he said I hung up and realized they were staring at me I was playing a game when someone clear their throat I looked up and stood up hello Liam said hey I said awkwardly I sat back down what are you doing here Niall said oh do you want me to go I would I stood up and started to head towards the door oh no don't leave I was just wondering oh as I walked back to my seat and sat down why are you guys staring at me I'm so ugly and deformed no your not Liam said stop lying I said serious he got down the stage and said I'm not lying he said and kissed my cheek I blushed then Louis said oh she's blushing . Haha Niall started laughing then Paul said time to get ready Liam got up and opened his arms I stood up and gave him a hug then he said wanna go to lunch tommorow sure I said he got up on stage and ran away to get ready then I hear screaming fans coming in then I stood up 5 minutes later the arena was filled then the boys came out and sang I went to the meet and greet then me and Liam were talking then exchanged numbers and I had to leave because it was over * next morning I got ready then I heard a honk I got my phone and my heels and went out the door I stopes and put on my heels then I got in the car hey I said hey you have a big house he said surprised thanks I said we drove in silence then we went to start bucks and ordered me and Liam were holding hands then our date was over he drove me home and walked me to my door I enjoyed our day together Liam said me to I said then he came closer and kissed me on the lips I felt sparks coming through my body then he pulled away and said will you be my girlfriend ??yes I said then we kissed again then he left
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