Love forever

A girl name Lexi had an abusive dad but her dad was rich when she got a one direction ticket and a meet and greet pass will Liam fall for her will they fall for eachother read to find out


8. A day with Liam my dad and mystery girl

When I woke up I saw Liam sleeping so I sat up and sat on top of him his eyes fluttered open I smiled at him and he did the same he sat up and wrapped his arms around my waist he leaned in and kissed me I smiled in the kiss I pulled away and was about to get off but he pulled me back I looked at him he kissed me and let go I went to take a shower after I was done I put on some purple short shorts and sweater I got out and put my pjs away I saw Liam all changed I got my phone and there was a text from my dad "hey honey wanna go out with me and my girlfriend? You could come with your boyfriend ?:)" yea we'd love to" I replied I told Liam and he agreed we heard a honk and ran down stairs and outside we went in the car and went to a little "cafe" we hung out all day laughing talking then my dad started to make out with his girlfriend so me and Liam started to make out once we pulled away my dad and his girlfriend were staring at us we laughed and talked a bit more and we went home but my dad went to my house to sleep there cuz tommorow my dad was leaving me and Liam changed and snuggled in bed together today was the best day Liam said I know I said he leaned in and kissed me and we made out we pulled away and slowly drifted to sleep
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