Stalker Boy(S) (NOT FAMOUS)

Two 17 year old girls are hanging out together for awhile while their parents are gone out of the countire. (USA) The two girls are dancing to their new game they just got Just Dance 4. When all of a sudden Amber gets a text from a random number! She ignores the text after she know who it is, first she dident know who it was and second she dident want to get hurt. Then one day Allie and Amber go out to the store. When they get thier they split up so they dont have to be any longer. Staker boy texts Amber saying he sees her! She is frighten! Then she looks around and shes someone hidding and keeps looking at her! She called Allie and she just left! Allie came out after she checked out! Whenever they were getting ready to leave she sall staker boy again! And he just smiled again! When ever they go back after about a week, She sees him again but with someone else. What will she do? Read to fine out!


1. The Text

Today Allie and I are going to go shopping for food and the new Just Dance 4 game. So we got to the store we only live about 10 minutes away from the store.We got their and Allie wanted to get some of the food in the store and I would go and get the game and if their was anything else we needed or something else I wanted/needed then I could. So Allie and I walked into the store.

"Keep me in contact. Okay?" She said.

"Okay." I told her. We always stay in contact with each other just in case if something bad happens or were we are at so we can meet up and leave together.

So Allie and I split up. I went and got the game (We have X-Box Kinect. Just saying) and figured that I probably should get a One Direction magazine cause I might not be here for awhile. So I had got two One Direction magazine one for me and the other one for Allie cause her birthday was in about 2 days. So that would be a great present. Then I had got her a Cyclone candy bar. I like the Hawkeyes and she likes the Cyclones. It is so funny when ever they are playing Football against each other it is So Funny!!! :) Her team won this year and mine the Last like 7 years. So she was so happy. SO I had got her a One Direction magazine and a Cyclone candy bar. Then as I was starting to head back when I sall One Direction fake nails. So I had sall that they were only a $1 each. I grabbed two of each. So that Allie had can have One Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. Also me too. I know I know scary but I am just being an awesome friend.

I called Allie and told her that I am done and ready. I had already checked out so I had gone to her car. Then came back in. As I was walking Allie had told me that she was getting something and that I should take my time. See her birthday is on August 12th mine is the same day as Niall Horan, September 13th. So yah. So as I keep walking to where she was I had got ac all. I thought it was Allie but it was just a random number so I awnsered it so they will know not ot call this number. I said hello and all they said was 

"I SEE YOU!!!" and then they hung up. I was very scared and worried. Then I realized that they do not know where I am. Then another random number called and I was getting ready to yell at the person but then they said they same and thing and before they hung up I said "No you dont!!!"

"Yes, I do."

"Okay where? And what am I wearing and what does my hair color look like and how am I wearing it?"

"You are standing by the movies. You are wearing blue skinny jeans and a white shirt that is see through and you have a white tank top under and you shirt has gray sleeves and a peace sign on the front. Also your hair is down and it is blonde with brown at the tips that shade into the blonde on top."

I was so scared everything that person said was true. I stopped the phone call and called Allie.

*Call with Allie*

"Lets go NOW!!!!" I said very scared.

"What is wrong?" She said.

"Please now."

"Okay met me by the check out."


*End of call*

I walked back and somebody keep calling my name. I ran and ran. I meet Allie at the check out.

"See you out by the car." I said to her while walking pasted her.

"Okay Amber."She said as I started to walk out. Somebody had said Hi Amber. I had turned around and sall this one guy. He had on a black jacket with his hood on, sunglasses, his jacket was unzipped a little bit so I could see that he had a black shirt, also a grayish blueish most gray pants. Then some black Toms. I looked at him for a second and ran out the doors. I looked back and he smiled at me. I ran as fast as I could. I ran and I could hear Allie yelling my name. Then I was getting ready to pass a lot to go to our car and I ran right in front of a car and almost got hit. I am so sorry. I had told them. 

"Are you okay Ma'ma?" The ladie asked me.

"Yes, I am so sorry!: I said before running off to the car and hiding on the passenger side.

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