Stalker Boy(S) (NOT FAMOUS)

Two 17 year old girls are hanging out together for awhile while their parents are gone out of the countire. (USA) The two girls are dancing to their new game they just got Just Dance 4. When all of a sudden Amber gets a text from a random number! She ignores the text after she know who it is, first she dident know who it was and second she dident want to get hurt. Then one day Allie and Amber go out to the store. When they get thier they split up so they dont have to be any longer. Staker boy texts Amber saying he sees her! She is frighten! Then she looks around and shes someone hidding and keeps looking at her! She called Allie and she just left! Allie came out after she checked out! Whenever they were getting ready to leave she sall staker boy again! And he just smiled again! When ever they go back after about a week, She sees him again but with someone else. What will she do? Read to fine out!


2. Birthday and Moving Out

*2 Days later*

"Amber your the best. This is an awesome present." Allie said.

"No Problem. Thought you would like it."

"Like it?"

"What, what is wrong?"

"I don't like it........... I LOVE IT!!!!!"

We both laughed. I really though she really hated it there for a sec.

Allie's POV*

*Morning of August 12*

Today is my Birthday. I am now 18 years old. I am moving out of my parents house today and moving in with  my friend Amber. If you are wondering something. Amber is 19 years old. Well, 18 years old but she is turning 19 years old this year in a month and a day. So on September 13 she will turn 19. So she is a year older then me (About). So she has a job at Nandos and has her own house. It is really nice. So she is letting me stay with her.

Also I have a car the same one as Harry. My parents got me it and when I met One Direction Harry Styles had the same one. With Amber she has always wanted a car like Louis Tomlinson. When ever we went to like stores like Wal-Mart or something she drove my car for me. Cause I love my car. I was not allowed to drive till I was 18. So now I finally get to drive.

I packed up all of my things. I was meeting Amber at her place at 1pm. It was now 1200pm. I had everything put in my car. I went back up to my room and it looked so empty.

I went back downstairs  to say good bye to my mum and dad and younger sister. Before I left my parents told me Happy Birthday. My Younger sister gave me a necklace that said One Direction on it and my parents got me the new Up All Night Album. It thanked them and decided to leave. I left at 1215pm. I get to drive my car for the first time. I am so excited. I started tp drive away when my phone went off. I saw that Amber texted me:

A- Hey Happy Birthday

I sent back Thanks and that I am on my way. She sent back Okay and be safe. As I was driving to Amber's house I decided to listen to my new CD, so I put in my new CD. I didn't blast it but I turned it up loud. I sang to every song.

Right as I got to Amber's place she was sitting on her steps waiting for me. When I pulled in I rolled down my window and turned up the music. Amber and I sang and she danced around while I did in my car. We both agreed that Amber is like a child. She laughs at everything and she is so weird.

I got my new CD out and she helped me grab some boxes and other things. My room was on the second floor. Her's was down in the basement. Her basement was really cool. Half of it was her bedroom and the other half was a dancing room and a singing/recording songs. It was really cool, so that is the basement. The 1st floor was a living room, game room, kitchen and dining room. 2nd floor was my room and two guest bedrooms. Also 2 bathrooms, one upstairs and one down stairs.

We had gotten everything out of the car and in my room. I started to look around my room and saw that the room was all Zebra Colors. The sheets on the bed, the dresser had Zebra duck tape on it too. It was all Zebra. I am in so much love with this room.

"Hey Allie can you come here please?" Amber yelled up to me.

"Yah, sure. Be there in a second." I said back to her.

I went downstairs and Amber was sitting in the living room. I walked in and she said Happy Birthday and she gave me a bag. I had opened it and it was a.......

One Direction Magazine, a Cyclone Candy Bar (At least it is not a Hawkeye) and One Direction fake Nails. I am so excited new posters and everythings!

"Amber you are the best. This is a Awesome Present." I said really loud and excited also Happy.

"No Problem." She said with a smile on her face.

"I thought you would like it." She said.

"Like It?" I said. She went blank.

"What is Wrong?"

"I Don't Like It........ I LOVE IT!!!!"

We both started to laugh. Then she took me out to my favorite place to eat Taco Bells. Best Birthday Ever! 

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