You're A Wizard

My name is Lucy Lupin. Yes, Lupin. My parents were both killed when you-know-who returned. I live with my godfather, Harry Potter and his family. I'm a metamorphagus and a werewolf. I start Hogwarts in a week. Wish me luck.


3. Gringotts

The large bank had stone columns, a marble frame, and brass doors. And with its complex underground vault system, I could see how it was the safest place to keep your belongings and money(besides Hogwarts, of course!). We entered the vast doorway and then I saw goblin after goblin, counting money or helping a customer or whatever. Harry led us through the room to goblin that was not helping anyone.

"Hello, we wish to make a withdrawal in vaults 234 and 761." Harry told the strange creature.

"Very well, you have the keys, am I wrong?" he replied. Harry pulled out two odd-looking keys. He handed them to the goblin.

"Yes, right this way," the goblin said. "Two at a time, please," he said as he guided each of us into a small rail cart. "Hold on, and keep all hands and feet in the cart, and here we go!" Then, we were shot forward into the depths of the building, and into the caves. Darker and darker it became, until we were shot through a waterfall. "Ugh!" I spat, shaking water out of my hair. I never liked water, unless I was drinking it.

Finally, we made an abrupt halt in front of a large vault door with the numbers "234" in gold. The goblin stepped out, and used the key in a little crack in the wall. Not an ideal key hole, I thought. Harry also stepped out. The goblin took the key out of the hole, and the door made a series of clicking and grinding sounds. It then slowly opened, and revealed a large chamber filled with coins. Gold, silver, and bronze, the coins were in all shapes and sizes. I had always seen wizard money, like galleons, sickles, and knuts. I have never seen this much before! This was the Potter family vault. Harry took out two small bags and filled them with gold coins. The goblin and Harry stepped back into the carts.

Once again, we went down through the rail system to another vault. The goblin used the other key to unlock this one. Once again, it was full of coins. But since we already passed the Potters' vault, I wondered why we were here. Then Ginny said,"Lucy, this is your parents' vault. But it is yours now." I was shocked. Luckily, Ginny had brought an extra bag. I filled it with coins, and we set off for the surface.

I spent the next few days before school studying my books. I knew that being a werewolf, I would miss class sometimes. So I might as well get ahead. I practiced spells, read basic potions, and studied the history of magic. This was an advanced school, I thought. I packe my last few things, and went to bed. I knew, that when I woke up, I would be on my way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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