You're A Wizard

My name is Lucy Lupin. Yes, Lupin. My parents were both killed when you-know-who returned. I live with my godfather, Harry Potter and his family. I'm a metamorphagus and a werewolf. I start Hogwarts in a week. Wish me luck.


1. Expected Mail

"James, give it back," I yelled at my god brother who had stolen my jacket for the third time this week. "Alright," he said finally handing it over. Gosh, it was annoying living in the room next to his. We lived in a nice house in a neighbourhood right outside London. My godparents, Harry and Ginny Potter had taken me in after my parents died. My father was Remus Lupin, a werewolf, and my mother was Nymphadora Tonks, a metamorphagus. I had inherited both of those traits. I had just turned eleven last month. Which meant... "Everyone come downstairs! We need to have a family meeting." Ginny yelled, so we started heading towards the stairs. 'What did James do this time? Why does it involve Lily, Albus, and I?' I thought to myself. When we walked downstairs, there were two letters on the kitchen table. All of them had a wax seal on it. Ginny and Harry were smiling as they handed one letter to me and one to Albus. We knew what was coming, we were both eleven. We opened the letters and just as we expected, there were our Hogwarts admission letters. We were both so exited! My hair turned bright pink and we all laughed. It was August the 26, and Ginny said we would go to Diagon Alley to get our things tomorrow morning. We had dinner, and I got ready for bed. I couldn't sleep, for I was too exited! I was actually going to Hogwarts!
The next morning, I woke up and found that I was the first one up. So I sat in my room and had that thought of 'what if I get slytherin? I want to be in gryffindor' Soon, everyone was up, and my thoughts were interrupted when Harry said that it was time to go.
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