You're A Wizard

My name is Lucy Lupin. Yes, Lupin. My parents were both killed when you-know-who returned. I live with my godfather, Harry Potter and his family. I'm a metamorphagus and a werewolf. I start Hogwarts in a week. Wish me luck.


2. Diagon Alley

We traveled to London by taxi, and we went to this strange place called The Leaky Cauldron. Ginny said to look like one of us, so I made my hair really dark and gave myself green eyes. We casually passed through, and headed to an opening to the outside. I was confused, because I didn't go when James was a first year. There was just a brick wall that looked as if there was no door in it. However, Harry pulled out his wand and tapped five random bricks. Then, the wall started to shift. The wall was making a doorway! And behind it, was the most magical street I had ever seen. Witches and wizards wearing cloaks and pointed hats of all colors, other students waving their new wands, and all kinds of animals, treats, books, and shops. "I'll go to Flourish and Blotts to get books. You all can get supplies, just don't buy any wands without me," Ginny said. We went into Quality Quidditch Supplies because James was trying out for the Gryffindor quidditch team this year. We walked into Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment to get cauldrons, potion phials, brass scales, and a telescope. Afterwards, we got our robes and clothing at Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions. While we were there, we spotted the Malfoy family shopping with Scorpius. He would be in his first year, too. Darn. We left to find that Ginny was waiting outside Magical Menagerie. Albus and I got to pick out an owl o share with each other. After that, we finally got to buy a wand. The two of us walked into Ollivanders, which was now run by Ollivander's son. The store was quiet, then he appeared from behind the shelves.

                                   "A Potter, eh? Yes, you're a Potter. But you, you aren't a Potter. Who are you?" I paused, not knowing how to reply. "I'm Lucy Lupin," I finally said. "Ah, yes, I know who you are. Both of you need a wand, am I right?" We both nodded. We were so exited to get our first wands. "Lets see," he muttered as he searched through the boxes. He picked out two wands and handed one to each of us. Albus went first, and pointed it at a desk. The sides of the desk fell apart just like that. He looked at the wand with a concerned face, and placed it on the table. I waved my wand at the fireplace, which then extinguished. Ollivander took up both wands, and put them up. He then returned with two new wands. Albus took the wand that Ollivander offered to him and pointed it straight up out of sheer nervousness. And of course, he blasted a huge hole in the ceiling. Ollivander snatched it up immediately. Then, the frail man handed a wand to me. When I raised it, the tip started to glow, and glow, and glow. Ollivander then exclaimed,"The wand has chosen its wizard! Seventeen galleons, miss." I paid for the wand with money that Harry had given me. "Thank you, mister Ollivander," I said as I left the shop. We waited outside as Albus tried a good three more wands. After he came out, we headed to the large marble building at the back. Gringotts.       *I am taking requests if you want a character in the story named after you. And, if you have ideas for the movella, I will take those too.*


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